Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lets start recapping!

This is going to take a while so there just might be recap posts here and there every so often =)

I am going to start with the hats I made my brother and my nephew. The pattern is Nottingham. It is a very cute cabled hat and this hat started the whole Christmas knitting that I was not going to do this year. I made it for my nephew and then got the crazy idea that wouldn't it be cute if I made a matching hat for my brother?!?!? Which did turn out adorable!

Here is the Sr version
nottingham sr

Modeled by Hubby

nottingham jr

Here is the Jr version.

Same hat same color (one just had more light on it, Jr's is the true color) The yarn I used was Cascade 220 Superwashed. It was the first time using cascade 220 and I am thrilled at it. It was soft and wonderful to knit with it. I hope is stands up better towashing then knitpicks Swish, which I like but man that yarn can pill!!

Oh and speaking of Christmas knitting I did finish everything except 1 hat, which is almost done, and that my darling Sis in law totally understood. I did show her the in process hat and she loved it!


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