Monday, January 12, 2009

Let it Snow

Well the weather guys and gals messed up big time. As of late friday night the were predicting up to a foot of snow. What did we get was about an inch of snow and then about another inch of ICE!!!!! I hate ice really it makes everything from walking the dog, to getting mail (live on a busy street and you do not leave your mail in the mailbox or someone may take it, sad I know) even taking the garbage out a real pain in the you know where. I did knit some, even finished something but it has to be blocked. I even got caught up in picture taking of WIPs.

Every year except last year I have made everyone ornaments as part of their Christmas gifts. This year I decided to crochet snowflakes. Oh they were addicting. I just kept churning them out. What is not to love. I had a FO in about 15 minutes or less depending on the size. I managed to go through a whole ball of crochet cotton and probably would have kept going if my stash of crochet cotton was not buried in the bottom tote in my craft closet. Which actually I have to dig out because one has gone missing or was thrown out by mistake and my brother and his family do not have theirs. I found the patterns on Ravelry and can you believe it their is a book out there of 99 crochet snowflakes! I so want it!!!!

Anyway back to my snowflakes. Here are my 18 snowflakes:
let it snow

I mostly used these patterns. (each one is a different link)


and yes I fell, I was walking Snick and the poor thing was sliding everywhere. She went down and well she took me with her. I am just a little bruised, nothing bad.


Karen said...

I love those snowflakes. I wonder if I could learn enough crochet to make some? Sorry to hear the dog knocked you down - I'm glad you are okay though. Yeah, instead of the foot of snow they predicted we only got 1 inch and ice too. Icky!!

Toni said...

Oh I love the snowflakes!!! They are so pretty!

Abby said...

What a good idea to make ornaments for everyone at xmas. They would make nice last-minute, little gifts, too. Yours are precious!