Thursday, January 15, 2009

Almost the end!

of recapping Christmas gifts. There is only one left and well it is still on the needles.(That would be my SIL hat, I plan on getting a good chunk of it finish if not finished tonight. We shall see, I am half way done already)

mil hat

This hat may look familiar. It is "I made a hat in an hour" hat from I think last year. Well my mother in law has always commented on it and commented again when she say Buddah's, which is just a smaller version of mine. Well I had enough left and made her one. The yarn is from Rhinebeck 07. Other then that I do not have much info on it. It is super bulky (I used size 15 needles!) and the skein was over 150 yards. After 3 hats I finally have no more left.

(Oh and if you look to the left, above the hat you can see one of the snowflakes I made (so you can see the scale, it is a medium size snowflake)

crosshatch mitts
These short pair of mitts was made on the day at work when I finished my crosshatch socks. I had just grabbed the yarn cause I knew I was going to finish the socks and would need something to knit. Since I loved the crosshatch pattern I just made my generic fingerless mitt pattern and added the crosshatch lace on top. The skein was only 110 yards so I made them short. They were a little short for me so I gave them to the Woman Who Watches The kids at School. She sits by the door and boy is it drafty. We see her all the time and she has commented on all of my fingerless gloves and I thought she would be perfect for them. Her hands are smaller then mine. She loved them and was very touched.

Oh and we have a first here. All 5 of us are on antibiotics. Yes I know this is not a great milestone but it is the first time it has ever happened. We all have ear infections with a dash of sinus infection and a couple of pinches of strep. Why yes it has been so fun here!!!

(Someone send chocolate!!!!!!)


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