Monday, January 26, 2009

The last

of the christmas FO's. Sorry I have been a missing. While taking care of everyone I did get sick then I caught the cold that one of my lovely children brought home and have not been able to get rid of it. It was in my head for a week and now it is in my chest which is always a problem. But I was a good girl. I started feeling the tightness this weekend and even had an asthma attack so I kinda knew it was there even though the lovely cough has not started yet. Anyway I went to the Doctor and yep she can hear the fun in my lungs. More meds and I should be ok since it looks like we caught it at the beginning.

Anyway I did finish Hermione for my SIL. I was much further then I thought so I finished one, two, three.

Hermonie hat for sil

I used yarn from my stash. It is from KnitPicks, Merino in ash. Perfect color I think. If you check the pattern link there is a movie still.

Hermonie cable

I did change the decreases on the top. I couldn't really "see" where the patterns decrease were going so I used my own.
Hermonie hat top
Nice and swirly =)

There was talk of it running small, which is a good thing in this case since my SIL is on the small side and I didn't want the hat to be big (cause well that can be annoying). So I followed her directions and well it fit my models head fine. A little tight he said. Well my Hubby has a big noggin so hopefully he didn't stretch it out too much

He is all mine

Sorry everyone he s all mine ; )


Karen said...

LOL, your hubby is such a good sport to pose for you. :) Love the hat too, I bet your SIL will be thrilled with it. Feel better and get over that cold soon.

PS: My word verification is "mices". Just what K.C. loves to play with!! (Toy ones, of course)

Toni said...

Ha! Ha! Love it!