Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holy Cowl !!!!

Yeah that one has been used a lot but I still like it. I made two cowls for presents. I used Malabrigo Yarn for both in Chestnut.

This one was for my Stepmother. The pattern is Cashmere Neck Warmer and it is basically a feather and fan pattern. Quick and easy and it was finished in a few short hours.

step mom cowl

The second one was for my Mother in Law. I used the pattern Spiral Cowl from Keri (Yes the same Keri that I bought a ton of roving from when I first started spinning, Love her stuff) This was also a quick fun knit. It did wind up longer cause well I was watching TV and just kept on going and going.

I think I am a little over half way done with the recaps =) Of course by the time I am done recapping december I will have to recap January =)

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Abby said...

It is nice to have you blogging again, so just keep on recapping!