Tuesday, June 26, 2007

i know it been awhile.....

Well I am off for the summer so I am now updating the blog.

Well I will start with life first.
This past weekend my mom threw a party for me, my brother and herself. This was a big year for the 3 of us. I turned 30, my brother turned 40 and my mom will turn 60. She thought it was a good idea to have a party and have everyone together, espeacially since it seems the only time we see family is at funerals lately. Well everyone behaved. Yeah!!!!

I gave my son a mohawk. I think he looks cute. It is what he wanted.

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My oldest daughter graduated pre-k. Oh where does the time go!!!. I swear I blink and my kids get older.

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Ok now onto knitting. I have been on a tear lately and have a few FO's. Here they are:

First up: What the?

My hubby and I have a friend that we play socom (videogame) online with. he has been dealing with a health problem and to cheer him up I wanted to knit him a little something to make him smile. I found this little guy on the web (gotta love knittingpaterncentral.com) and thought he was perfect. I gave him a little fishing rod and a fish (also from KPC) and sent him off. Well he received the little guy and from his email he laughed his ___ off. I am glad it cheered him up.

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Second up: gifts for the pre-k teachers.

My daughter's pre-k teachers also taught my son when he was in pre-k (and I am hoping my youngest daughter gets them too). They are wonderful teachers and we love them. I wanted to give them something special, so I knitted (of course). I made one a cala lily (thank you knitty.com) and the other a book mark (KPC again).

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Third up: my son's kindergarten teacher's gift.

My son asked me awhile ago to make his teacher something. I saw this pattern at knitpicks.com and I have wanted to make for awhile. I was told she loved it.

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Last up: Apres-Ski Kerchief

This is from the book Handknit Holidays. This has been on my I want to knit list for over a year. I finally made it. It was really quick and easy to make.

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In other knitting news, I have spotted 5(!!!!!)moths. I am worried about my stash. My stash is bagged and clean, so I am hoping they just came inside and they are not the wool loving kind. I have my fingers crossed. Hubby thinks it is no big deal, but if there was a video game eating moth it would be a different story.

I am also going to attempt kool-aid dyeing. On thursday, a knitting friend and I are going to attempt it. I am also going to try to dye self stripping yarn. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

and finally something about knitting!

well since this blog is about life AND knitting, i think it is about time to talk about knitting. so this entry will be about the shawl i started back in march. i bought this from elann.com. i saw it in their newsletter and had to have it. niw knitters out there will understand this. i ordered it on the first day it was available and it arrived on my birthday. of course i started it that night. i was about halfway done when i realized that i was knitting 2 bands of color in a stripe instead of just one. at first i was ok so it will not look exactly like the picture but it was still pretty, but then horror - i would not have enough yarn to make it big enough. so a frogging i went. it hurt but i got right back on the horse and started it again. by the next day i was back to half way done. then my hands revolted and i had to take a break. well this past week end i finished it. YEAH!!!. i still love it and hold no hard feelings toward it. i hate finishing and having to weave in way way to many ends drove me a little crazy. what really got to me was 3 needle BO of 319 stitches. many deep breathes were needed for that. without further ado here it is. Adara rainbow shawl.

here is my darling hubby showing it off. (he actually put down the ps3 controller and stopped playing socom to take these pictures- i love him so much)

sorry this one is a little fuzzy

and here is my pile of ends

well that is it. i have hope that the medication i am on helps and i can go back to knitting at my old pace. after all i need to really start christmas knitting. ; )

Monday, June 4, 2007

welcome to hell : )

well it is offical. as of may 16th i have RA. i don't want this. at first i was ok and i was. as i told my family i really believed it when i told them. i am ok with this at least i know i have something and it can be treated. granted it is a lifelong thing and i watched my father die slowly and painful death, i was ok. 2 weeks later i am not ok. i hurt and that is putting mildly. i am on pridnisone for right know and the pain has broken thru. i do not want to go up in doseage because pridnisone is a nasty drug. even my husband doesn't want me on it. tomarrow i go back to the doctors to find out where i am exactly in the progression. that is all good but right know i hurt. and i can't take anything else for the pain.
it got to the point tonight while i was making dinner that i just couldn't take it and i broke down. i am really good with pain but it has been constant and i mean constant no relief and that just wears me down.i do not know how my father did this. 5 years of pain.
when the pain is bad everything looks bad. i wonder about my kids. will i be around to watch them grow up? will i see my grandchildren? what kind of life will i have? will i be able to work? or will i be a burden? then it gets into what will my kids remember about me? always being in pain and miserable? or a loving mom that wanted the best for them? and then the most horrible question of them all- will any or all of them get this too?
i know that this is no way to think and i try not to, it is just hard not to sometimes. when i get like this i need to go knit, which is what i am going to do right now.

welcome to hell : )

well it is offical. as of may 16th i have RA. i don't want this. at first i was ok and i was