Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas gift wrap up

A very late wrap up but i finally got a few minutes to post more then just a quick post (hopefully i can get it done all in one shot)
 So here we go in no real order

Nutcracker embroidery

Stuffed owl for D

  hello kitty

Hello Kitty ornament (inside joke with D)

owl ornament 

Owl for our tree


Snowflake. I made over 30 different snowflakes, i have a picture of 1. Go me =)

Minecraft Creeper (its form a video game)

 baby gift 1

Baby gift for my youngest's teacher who had a baby boy
 hat 1
 Mj's 1st hat - that matches......

  mj sweater
 his sweater

  hat 2
 mjs second hat

  hat 3
 mj's 3rd hat. Another Lil' Devil hat  (Have no idea why this picture is so big)

baby gift 2
 A gift for a baby girl to be modeled by my cutie

  zombie panda 

Zombie panda for D. Zombies are a big thing in this house.

  nyan cat scarf

Nyan Cat scarf for D. Another video game.

I think that catches me up. I didn't get everything i want to get finished finished but I am still working on them. SO Christmas will last a bit longer =)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Playing with a new photo app

Visit to check out KitCam for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

I found a cool little photo app that has a bunch of different filters. I like this one it makes me look like I actually got some sleep. :)

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

My little angel

Well at least when he is sleeping

(Taken with kitcam app)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A year ago today

I was probably still getting sewn back together from having an emergency c section. Today MJ is a bundle if 1 year old energy. Love you Bud-Bud