Saturday, April 16, 2016

First fire of the season and a new companion

I have arrhythmia. It's gotten worse since I found out 2.5 years ago. So new cardiologist whole battery of tests. Including this lovely monitor. 3 weeks of ekg monitoring. Thing is the little computer has my baseline so anytime it registers something abnormal it records and sends it to the monitoring place. Thing is it beeps when it records and honestly if every beep means something wrong it's freaking scary. Any way 2 more weeks to go lots of blood to be taken and a Sonogram and the best a stress test!!(sarcasm)

So very slowly I have made a few things
4 pairs of pj/ lounge pants. Yes only three are pictured. Missed MJs camouflage ones
Tulip cross stitch for a cross stitch exchange. I also made this 

It's a needle minder. There's a magnet inside that hold the needle for you. 

Also when we bought our couch about 9 months ago it came with pillows that all managed to all fall apart
So I made new pillow forms for all four
Now I can change the pillow covers. Right now I made these
All together it cost maybe $20 to redo all 4. One pillow form costs more then that. Love when that happens. 

Sadly that is all I have creatively made since who know when. But I am slowly making and hopefully The Doc can get my heart behaves I am sure I will feel way better.