Friday, June 20, 2014

I Am Broke

And I needed a certain color of yarn. I used to dye yarn. It was a lot of fun too. I even sold some but it takes a lot of money to keep that going and I couldn't do it anymore so I stopped. I still have some left over dyes and a few hanks of yarn. So I mixed some dye and pulled out my dye pot. My fingers were crossed that the dyes would even dye, they were old.  I used up the last bits of dye just in case. 
Well a week later (took forever to dry in this humidity) here they are. Three silk blend and two sock blend. 

Wanna guess what color I needed? =]
Clues in the picture (HeHeHeHe)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day Honey

To my Hubby. The man who  sired these kids and contributed his genes to the crazy kids of ours: I Love You

(Yes my 12 year old is almost as tall as his 6'1" father and K is standing on an ottoman)

When did they get this big?

Dad- I don't even want to count how many years it's been. I still miss you. I still wish you were here. Happy Father's Day Dad. I love you

Saturday, June 14, 2014


This year my two oldest participated in the NYSMMA festival. My oldest was a level 5 which even though it's just the next level for him, there was a big jump in difficulty. For K it was her first year. Also this year our school district hosted the festival which meant our district went first and took almost 3 weeks of practice away. This is stuff they don't tell you in march when you have to sign up  

Anyway. D got a silver (85/100) in viola

Yes he is almost 13 ( in less then a month!!!!!) and has reached that stage where just asking him to pose so I can take a picture results in all pictures looking like this. He is in the stop embarrassing me mom stage. Oh well. I am not going to I am proud of him and his talent and I think scoring an 85 in a very hard piece with not much practice and only three lessons is pretty good. He has this natural talent. 

Here's K

Yeah she's almost 12 and is not yet as bad as her brother. She got a 27 out of 28 on her viola piece! Remarkable for a first timer with the same little time and only three lessons. She received the outstanding medal (their terms not mine)

Next year I might just have three since A is having a great time with her cello. 

I love hearing them play (just not at the same time though). Going to their concerts is my favorite school function. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Normally I would be upset

Today was run day, my third this week, but after half a mile I just could go. So I stopped and walked home. It's foggy, my body hurts and i am tired. So I figured why beat myself up. 

Besides I already ran 2 5K's this week- the first Monday pushing Mj the second Wednesday running solo in the rain ( my fastest yet) :)

I think my body is telling me it needs a rest

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A little sewing

Over the past month or so I have made three bags. The first one I loved the fabric but the strap was too short. Kris inherited  it  
The bag is completely reversible and washable. Very handy with kids. 

The second I tweaked it to make it longer and deeper. I use it across my body and it holds a lot more then I thought it would and it comes in very handy with MJ in tow. I don't have to worry about a bag in my hands or falling off my shoulders. It also comes in handy when my two oldest have baseball and softball games at the same time and I have to run back and forth with drinks and snacks. 

(Ignore fabric underneath. That's something else)

The third is for a friend of the family's little girl. She is very sweet and hurt her foot. She mentioned she liked my bag a few times and I couldn't help but make her one. She will be on crutches for a while and this can help her carry stuff. I was told she loved it and used it right away. 

Three pluses and 6 yards if fabric used. All in all I would say they turned out well.