Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Another recap in pictures

crazy here as usual.  So lets see what has happened lately

Sewing. For me more Pj pants. For Code and Mj (i did manage to cut a pair for me out now I just need to sew them) Need to take pictures of the finished ones.
 Kris made a pair for herself with just the barest of help. Need to get a picture of those too
Ang was practicing sewing. My Ang is a boarderline perfectionist with little patience so it was interesting day for her. Dillon is just eating as usual. :)

We got a little bit of snow that Mj got to play in and made his first snowman.  its about 7 inches tall

Finished a hat that was too small for me and was quickly claimed by Kris.
Which she then used in the Blizzard. She helped shovel and of course play in.  Mj is enjoying the snow very very much. We got 16-18 inches. Hard to tell exactly with all the wind blowing it everywhere.
Mjs first snow angel

Other then that just normal chaotic life. I did start the hat again in a slightly bigger size.  Its not knitted in the normal way hence you cant really try it on as you go to see if it will fit.  Worse case Ang gets a new hat.
Lucky me woke up today with something funky going on in my chest (YEAH!) hopefully it does not become bronchitis.  So rest fluids and maybe a little knitting is on the menu for today.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What is going on...

A few days ago I was consoling my oldest daughter because David Bowie died. (I showed her Labyrinth and that was a gateway to his music)

Today I found out Alan Rickman died and now I have to be there for my other daughter because she loves Harry Potter and he was absolutely amazing at playing Snape.  I also had a huge crush on him in Robinhood :). 

Both were amazing at what they did and it's sad to see the go. Thankfully their legacies will live on. One good thing about the digital age I guess


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Last FO of 2015

Mj asked for it when he saw the pattern. It worked up quick and yes Mousie is blue. Sadly Mousie is already missing (I suspect a certain kitten) 

Speaking of Mj
He turned 4 Saturday. Crazy pants. It is a thing that the birthday person picks dinner so we had bacon and eggs with lemonade cupcakes. I made the icing lemon buttercream with lemon box cake. They were very good. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Stash Update

Over there ------> I updated my stash counts. So for those on mobile devices here is the basic run down.

yarn used: 13,923 yards (not bad)
yarn added: 4,293 yards (okay i guess)

roving used: 73.65 oz (again not bad)
roving added: 21.6 oz (okay)

handspun made: 4,490 yards (sounds like a lot but not really considering how much fluff i have)

WIPs- 13 (need to get that down a bit)

FOs -104 (anything over a hundred is great)

yes I know I talked like this just happened - Timey Wimey (Sorry Doctor Who reference)

Now for last years numbers.  Lets compare.

Yarn Used: 7,133 yards (wow not good)
Yarn Added: 28,253 yards (HOLY TIMELORDS AND DALEKS!!!!! - sorry Im watching Doctor                                  Who while I typing)

Roving Used: 0 oz (yeah thats not good - granted my wheel was on its last legs and packed away. Hopefully i can get some serious spinning done this year. I need to because well running out of room. Heck who am I kidding I have already run out of room)
Roving Added:  77.3 oz added (I wonder why i have no room)

Handspun Made: 438 yards (sad just sad - the bright side that was all done on my spindle)

WIPs - 16  (That number is supposed to go down and it went up)

FOs - 73 (I am actually amazed that the number was that high. With everything going on I didn't do much)

So that's pretty much it.