Monday, June 30, 2008

Puppies and Needles Do Not Mix

When I can home today from running some errands I happen to see a needle and just a needle sitting on the couch. The closer I got the more I saw.

dogs and needles do not mix

The lone needle I used to pick up the stitches so they wouldn't run. The damage to the sock was not to bad. Snick didn't do anything to the actual sock, just the needle. A 40 inch size 3 circular. She managed to pull out the needle and chew through the cable in several spots. I measured the pieces and I am missing a few inches. Somehow only 1 stitch ran down 1 stitch. Go Cherry Tree Hill. To get to this sock she somehow managed to open my project bag. I am happy the sock is ok, sad my needle is gone and amazed how she got into my sock bag and didn't damage the sock. Snick on the other hand seems to know that I am upset with here and is keeping her distance.

Sadly I do not have another size 3 circular and I really do not like using dpns anymore (too hard on my hands) =(

In better news something finally finished drying!! The is Shark Boy. Roving from Spunky. 100% superwashed Corridale.
Skywalker has already claimed it. =)

shark boy

shark boy close up

It is mostly worsted weight and measures in a little over 86 yards.

I am off to dust off my dpns.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Got Fiber?

Well the stuff I really really want to show is still wet. I guess I have to face the fact that summer means long drying times. So I have fiber to show.

These are from Enchanted Knoll Farms. They were mentioned over on Lime and Violet and well everyone seems to know about them now! That is a good thing.

river queen

River Queen.

river queen close up

4 oz of merino with silk and shiny stuff = )



chai close up

4oz of merino with silk and shiny stuff =)

Yes I have a thing for shiny stuff. I bought these a long while ago and just save it for when I couldn't blog about other stuff, or when it is taking forever for a shawl and yarn to dry.

I know I really tried to stop buying yarn and roving until I used up stash I had. The problem with this is I still check out places like the Loopy Ewe. It makes it a little hard to resist the temptation. Yes people I have no will power sometimes. So do not be surprised that when I saw a pattern that I had wanted for about a year (I usually wait to see if I really want it before I buy it) I bought it and then of course I needed yarn since well I did not have enough lace weight in a solid color to use. (Anyone buying this?)

Here we have The Bee Fields Shawl from Knitspot and 3 little skeins of Malabrigo lace weight in forest. We I opened the box I could not pet the Malabrigo. MMMmmmm.

The Bee Shawl and Malabrigio

Here is some handspun yarn. The roving is from Knitty Gritty Thoughts and I do believe it is 5 oz of merino and tencel (50/50?). I 2 plied it and got a little over 200 yards. I do believe I can knit a pair of anklets from it. It measures in at DK weight (mostly)
Irish Girl
Irish Girl

Guess what everyone, I was able to run around with my kiddies the other afternoon! It has been a long time since I was able to do that. I also was able to hold my 4 year old baby for a little while. I t has been almost a year since I was able to do that. Granted it wasn't long because I didn't have the strength but I was still able to do it. I almost feel "normal" what little pain there is is easily ignorable. Now everyone knock on some wood for me, please?

= )

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drama Cardi

Back when I did my WIP list I mentioned that I finished Drama Girls Tater cardi. Well it is finally dry, button has been attached and I have pictures!!!


I was so happy to finally finish this. Many black holes were met while knitting the stocking knit sections on the body and sleeves.

lace close up

Yarn is Paton's Bumblebee in Apple Blossom - 5 skeins

cardi button

Mods: Went up in needle size, changed the length on the sleeves and body and used a button instead of ties.

Drama girl struts her stuff

Pattern: Tarter's Cotton Cardi (Ravelry link)

Well back when I did my WIP list I had mentioned that I finished Drama Girl's Cardi and I was just waiting for it to dry. Well it is dry, the button is sewn on and I have pictures. = )

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Plans

Well here it is the end of June already. The Kiddies only have 3 half days left of school and I have 1 more day of work and then it is S-U-M-M-E-R!!!!!! I am so not ready.

I know I have said it before but I work in a high school. I am only a 10 month-er and basically that means - no school no work. It pays ok but I basically work there for the convenience of the school calendar.

So anyway the school year is coming to a close, so what do I have planned for the summer vacation?

1. Dye more. I still have some left over undyed stock that I would like to get dyed for Barn Yarn. Plus it is always fun to play with colors. I know it may not sell but it is a fun thing to do and the kiddies can help. They had fun last summer dyeing yarn. (just a little note: I am not being down on myself about the stuff not selling. Many Etsy sellers are feeling the economic problems that many of us are feeling)

2. Knit -(DUH!!!) =) I want to work on my WIP list and a few other projects. There will be a few baby things too. No I am not having another one. My best friend just found out she is having a baby and well she gave me the green light to knit as much as I want for the baby. Her mother was a knitter so she gets it. =) and yes I already started something. =)

3. Spin. At least once a week. I stopped spinning a while ago and when I started back my spinning quality had gone down. Plus I really really really need to get the spinning stash down. I can not close the lid on the the tote anymore with out a weight on top (which a huge tote of sock yarns works nicely just in case you needed to know)

4. Get the designs that are in my head out and on paper (and of course knitted)

5. Sew. So many things I want to sew. I have a skirt I want to make, quilts I want to finish and project bags for Barn Yarn. I have some really cut fabrics that I think people would like.

Five things, short and sweet. Of course this is not the family list but hopefully I will get some me time during the summer days. If not there is always after bedtime.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Trip Down WIP Lane

I want to go back over my WIPs. I figure if I keep doing this they will get done, at least the old ones anyway. So here we go starting with the old ones. (to see the original list click here)

1. The yellow bib-still need a snap or velcro. It keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the WIP pile. Soon.
2. Secret project, which turned out to be the Cape Cod Shawl. It is finished,gifted and loved. = )
3. Milkmaid Noro. I haven't touched it in long while. I need to use the book for the charts so that means quiet time. (what is that?)
4.PinWheel Sweater. Done,Gifted and Loved. = )
5. Swan Lake (MS3) =( It is going to have to go visit the frog pond. By math by me (don't have enough yarn because I doubled the yarn. duh!!!) and not noticing the gauge is way off (like if I blocked it would turnout about 12 inches, which is a scarf not a stole) When I undoubled the yarn I should have enough to do it. I will have to see. If I do I want to make Swan Lake.
6. Adamas shawl. Still like it. I will work on it.
7. Skywalkers Flames. This is the last of the 3 kiddie sweaters. Since I am working on the sleeves it is not a travel project. I am about half way through the flame chart then it should go a whole lot faster. I am hoping to get it done by the fall.
8.No idea. Yep they were suppose to be wrist warmers but well they are small and if they do not fit either of the girls they will be trashed.
9. Blue bag. It is still waiting for its lining.
10. Tarter Cardi for Drama Girl. Done done and done. It is blocked and I am just waiting for it to dry (darned humidity) to take pictures.
11. Superman pillow. still needs to be worked on.
12. Black bag. Still needs to be worked on. Though I have finished revising the pattern for it so if I actually knit it it might show some progress.
13. Scroll socks. Done and I love them
14. Yellow washcloth. Done, gifted and hopefully being used. (mom?)
15. Bellatrix socks. Frogged.
16. Mystic Light shawl. Waiting for school to be done so I can work on it.

So out of 16 old WIPs I now have 8 (WOOOOHOOO!!!!)

Don't think thats it though. I have added to the WIP pile.

New WIPs
9. Just One Fix 2 socks. These are my mindless travel socks so they should be easily done. (imagine last picture but with a few more rows)
10. Old Shale Shawl. Right now I am just waiting for the yarn to arrive. 2 balls down 5 more to go. (same thing - it looks just the same as last time but with a few more rows)
11. Top Down Sunflower Cardi. I haven't blogged about this yet. Basically it is a top down short sleeved cardi. I will knit until I am done with the yarn (3/10 balls) Mindless TV knitting. Eventually it will be finished. No rush.
Top down cardi
why yes that yellow blob will become a sweater
12.Goddess Knit Mystery Shawl. Like I do not have enough shawl WIPs. = ). This one is a Pi (circle) shawl and I am using stash yarn. Only clue one is out and I finished that last night.

So I started with 16 WIPs went down to 8 and then went back to 12.

Having a stash of WIPs does not bother me, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. There are some that can be easily be finished so it is really not that bad.

I first did this back in April. Now it is June. So maybe this WIP progress post will become a regular every other month thing =)

This one is for the family. Kiddie Pic
Looking more like his daddy everyday =)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wow Again!

Well at least this time was because it was hectic around here. Thank goodness the temps are back to a more comfortable 78. =)
Friday Night Skywalker's little league had their annual night at Shea. The players get to walk out onto the warning track. The kids get a real kick out of it. I bought tickets for Skywalker, my Mom and of course me. Hubby had bought tickets for his uncle and himself a while back so we all got to go as a group but sit on opposite sides. We did see each other.
Where's Hubby?
You can see him right? =)
There he is
Hubby is the white blob right above the arrow

We all had a ton of fun.
Skywalker at game

Saturday was World Wide Knit In Public Day and yes I did knit in public. Hubby had to get an xray and I brought my sock and yes I did get some looks. =)

The high school where I work is testing now so I do get time to knit a little. It has been slow going, with it so quiet in the school the knitting is putting me to sleep =) so I have not been working on the Just One Fix 2 socks and of course that means that the are growing slowly.
Just one fix 2
I also bring with me the Old Shale Shawl. Now I have stated before I am using Noro Silk Garden and I only have 2 skeins (it was originally going to be a scarf). Well after one it was way obvious that 2 was not going to create the shawl that was in my mind. As I type more Noro Silk Garden, 5 more to be exact is on its way here. Bonus: I found it on sale!!!
Old Shale Shawl

I have other stuff to show once it dries. I have yarn and a sweater! I also need to go back over my WIP post since well I have finished some on that list and I found out that one of the things will have to go take a visit to the frog pond =(


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


it has been almost a week since my last post! Not much has happened since last time. We had almost 100 degree temps. That makes for slow going in everything. I work in a high school and I do hall duty. One of the teachers had a thermometer and stuck it in the hall it was 110 with no breeze. What fun I had. I kept my kiddies home from school. Oh and I learned something very important on tuesday. Since it was so hot i drank a lot of water but I was still feeling sick and dizzy. A teacher happened by and asked if I was ok. I told her that I was drinking enough (I lost count on how many times I had to go pee) but i still felt sick. She said I look grey and she was a little worried. Turns out it is good and all to drink plenty of water but I was low on electrolytes. So I almost passed out from the heat. After I stomached a bottle of Gatorade (which I hate with a passion) I felt much better. So to everyone out there do not forget your electrolytes.

Ok well with all of this heat does not make for good anything weather so I did not get much done. I did go and visit my LYS which was having a moving sale. It is really nice when a lys moves to a bigger place. I did get a few things. I bought two more balls of Cascade Fixation. Since it is cotton this is what I am knitting with at work, that is when I am knitting.

Shaded Blues
cascade fixation
And shaded swampy greens (not the real name but I think it fits) which I have already started to use for another pair of Just One Fix socks
Just one fix 2

I also bought 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden. I had wanted to use it for the Choke scarf pattern I had but I didn't like the way it was working out. (maybe the 3rd time is the charm with this scarf) Well I had just received the new issue of Spin Off and in it there was a pattern for a Old Shale Shawl. Now Noro looks like homespun yarn so I said this might be nice.

Old shale shawl

I am using my new Lantern Moon wooden needles = ) Very nice needles. Light weight and slick. Of course they are a little bit on the $$ side but I treated myself.

here is pictures of the Noro
noro silk garden
noro silk garden
Since it is mostly silk it is ok to knit with as long as I am in front of the fan. =)

My baby, Buddah turned 4!!!! When did this happen?!?!?!
When we signed her up for Pre-k a few weeks back I cried in the office. The woman there was polite and said it is a little hard when the first one goes off to school. I said yes it was when Skywalker went to pre-k but she was the youngest. Then she said Oh that is hard and handed me a tissue. Where does the time go?

Oh and the "poll" (which included Skywalker and Drama Girl) picked C.

=) Stay cool

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I need help = )

The good kind of course. You see I wanna make the Luna Moth shawl. I have the yarn Rook-y Socks That Rock. Now of course I have to change things a little. I wanna add beads. So off I went to my favorite bead place - The Bead Wrangler. I discovered her back in the MS3 days. Anyway as I was surfing for the right beads I found several. Now that they are here I can not decide. Hence why I need help. If it helps the shawl is for me. =)

So here we go!

Choice A
choice a
These beads are one of the larger beads (size 6) mixed

Choice B
choice b
The other of the larger beads. Matte Black.

Choice C
choice c
Same mix as choice a but the smaller size bead (size 8)

Choice D
choice d
Matte black again but smaller

Choice E
choice e
Shiny black in size 8

So which should I use? There is no reason why I couldn't mix any of these either.
Let me know what you think?

= )

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just One Fix!

Anyone remember Rob Zombie when he did music he had a song called Just One Fix. It was a favorite of mine back in my heavy metal days. Ahh yes the days of blue,purple and pink hair, flannels ,spandex and lots of leather. Heck I even had a leather and spandex mini dress. Totally shocks the Stepson when I tell him about the good ol days. I didn't fit in much. I was a rocker punk with a 3.9 in Honor classes. I actually had a teacher on the first day of classes senior year that asked me if I actually belonged in her honors math class. Shocked the daylights out of her can I tell you. Ah yes fun times...

Okay enough of strolling down memory lane. What is a girl to do with tons of nervous energy? Why knit a pair of socks.
fix socks on feet 2
Cascade Fixation (hence the title and stroll) Less then one ball. Yep it is true you can knit a pair of socks from 1 little ball.
Granted mine are short. I wanted them that way. I did have leftovers.
Fix socks
fix socks on feet
One stripped and one pooled. Go figure. It might have something to do with my tension (which was all over the place). The yarn is cotton with elastic and it felt a little weird knitting with it at first. In fact one sock is bigger then the other even though they have the same number of stitches around and the same number of rows knitted. The second one (that would be the spiral one) is much more uniform. Though I did make the heel flap a little short or the elastic is pulling the heel down
fix heel
So I guess that makes them a little on the small side. Just have to see if I can deal with the heal. I am however going to go back to the Village Knitter and get more (if anyone in the Long Island/Babylon area the Village Knitter is having a 20% off moving sale. I am so going.). Plus on size 4 needles these puppies fly (as in 2 days only knitting at work)

I am also spinning. This is the second bobbin of Keri's Luck of the Irish (I do believe that is the name can not find the tag) 5 oz of merino and tencel blend. Very nice. I am thinking 2 ply.
Irish spinning
think shamrock green and white. For some reason the green looks blueish on my screen

Well that is what I have been up to. Oh wait I did also make a bunch of stuff for my little store. Hoping to get them up tonight. Hopefully


Monday, June 2, 2008


Hello everyone. I wanted to do this earlier but there is so much crap and crap going on here that I have been unable to do what I want to do. This of course does not have to do with the normal I want knit, spin, sew and craft but life gets in the way of that stuff. Please bare with me if things get a little slow around here. Yeah I know I am being vague, sorry.

Okay now last time I mentioned something funky. Well I am sure some of you out there remember when the Harlot went to her little knitting camp (that would be great to do) and everyone there was making Monkeys (the animal not the socks) and Blue Moon Fibre arts came out with kits for said monkeys? (Link here)
Well I am sure that many of us know that when the Harlot mentions something everyone goes nuts.
funcky sock monkey kit
Yep I was one of them this time. I waited 2 weeks (because of the volume of orders) but I got mine. The kit came in a neat tube. I picked the greens one. I have no clue what the colors are because I can not find the piece of paper. I do think one of them is the green jeans colorway
sock monkey yarn

The wonderful people at Blue Moon also created a colorway for Knitter without Borders to help raise money for Doctors without Borders and it is really pretty. I could not help myself. Socks that Rock is a great yarn and the colors are amazing. So worth the money.
knitters without borders
str kwb
str kwb
Plus part of the price for this colorway is donated to Doctors Without Borders

Socks That Rock is my favorite sock yarn. Seriously people, you get your hands on one and that all that is needed to be hooked.