Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ahh it is over

Please do not take this the wrong way but, Yeah the holidays are over!! Too much stress going on for my liking. When I told Hubby that I was most likely not going to be knitting gifts next year and he was happy. He told me that he hated to see me stress myself out and turning into a Grinch

Anyway everything is back to somewhat normal. There were a few gifts I didn't get to finish but they will be finished soon and everyone understands.

I have lots to post about and today I am going to start with one of my favorite things that I made. It was for my Mommy. It was my first lace and first shawl. It is Keri.

I used Palette (from Knit Picks) in red. It was really fun to knit and well I have a list of lace shawls I want to make. =)

Here is the pic I first post - it is unblocked

pic of IT

Here it is in color and blocked

I have read about the magic of blocking and well I didn't really "get it" until I did it. Wow. You go from this lump of knitting that you really can not see well to this amazing piece of knitting.


Friday, December 14, 2007


Okay I had to do that. My yarn - yarn I spun- is finally finished and plied it. The blue went really nice and fast. It is pretty much even too!. Then I spun the orange and well I figured out that I should not attempt spinning when I am sick,upset or pissed. In other words it is uneven and over twisted in spots.

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The colors are pretty true. It is 100% merino from Rhinebeck.

I finished the nephews set.
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Hat and socks made out of Swish in Deep Ocean.

I gave the Dragon scarf to Son and he loves it. I took pictures and well this is the one I love.

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Love My Kids!!! They always seem to know when I need a break or laugh. In the past 3 days I got a bad sinus and double ear infection, our car went (head gasket = big repair bill) and the cabinet in the kitchen decided to fall on Hubby (he is ok). Well bad things happen in threes so we are done for a while, Right?!


Monday, December 10, 2007

I still believe

Okay I must be nuts to still believe that I will get everything knitted by christmas. There are still 15 things left (this does not include anything that needs sewing or buttons) to do. Now the majority are small projects like hats, but there are 2 sweater that need to be done. One is Mini-Jesse's flames - I knitted most of the body and have started the sleeves. I should be able to finish this one. The Daughter's cardi (Ried was frogged , it didn't work with the yarn)-this is top down and I am almost to the sleeve part. The cardi will push it.

The thing is that well I don't feel right giving one of my kids a sweater when the others are not finished. I was stressing about the chance that I will not have them finished but I have decided not too.

This is my plan. I will concentrate on the smaller items and work on the 2 sweaters when I can. If I do not get the sweaters done that is ok, but no one will get theirs until all three are finished. (heck they may turn into Valentine's Day gifts)

What items I have finished I can not post pictures about (I know that certain people read this blog- on a positive note i will have plenty to write about in January)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another lesson learned

Hubby does laundry and does a great job too. He knows not to wash any of my knitting. This works great. It only works if I remember to take out my alpaca and wool Keri Mitts from the pocket of my hoodie sweatshirt. Yep I left them in the pocket and threw the hoodie into the wash. Now Hubby doesn't check my pocket since I should know better.

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I can not even get my hand into them a little.

So here I was a little upset and thinking about the pair I made last year. I loved the yarn, have no clue what the yarn was but i do know where I bought it. My LYS. Great store. Yes It is just a little hole in the wall (the whole store could fit in side my living room) but what makes the store great is the owner. She is wonderful. Even when I bring my kids with me and they go crazy, she is fine with it. "Kids can not break the yarn" she says. The store had a very homey feel.

I have been in other store where we were followed to make sure my kids did not touch anything - I have not and will not go back (my kids are well behaved but anyone with kids know that sometimes they do get into things).

Anyway i know that she changes the hours (summer vs winter) and since the last time I got a chance to go it was summer hours) so I checked the website and AHHHH!!!!!! She is CLOSING!!!!. Dec 24th is the last day. Yes there are other yarns stores and the internet but I will miss this little yarn store. = (

Hopefully I will get to go soon. Even if I do not buy anything (yeah right) I would like to tell her how much her and that little store meant to me.

Monday, December 3, 2007

What I have been up to

The one thing that really made my weekend - IT SNOWED!!!!! Sunday I woke up knowing that it might snow later in the day but the weather guys go it wrong. There was about an inch of snow. Everything looked pretty. As we all went about shopping and trying to find a tree we played each time we got out of either the car or store. It totally made my day. Of course I thought about taking a picture but by the time we got home I totally forgot.

I have been knitting (I actually surprised myself with how much I did do)

Here are the Fawkes

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I used the left over orange Cherry Tree Hill yarn from Hubby's socks. These were quick (once I restarted with the right size needles). They are a Christmas gift for my SIL.

These socks are for my nephew. ( They will be done tonight) I used Swish on size 6 dpns. Simple 3x2 ribbing. These went really quick.

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Same color as his hat and there will be plenty left over to add the ear flaps to his hat.

I also added a few inches to the Son's sweater. I know have to start the sleeves so I can join them together.

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I am also knitting a pattern I wrote last year for one of my aunts. I made her a pair of fingerless mitts and I took lots of notes so I could later write a pattern out. A fellow co worker asked me to make her a pair and I thought it would be great to see how well my notes were. She gave me the yarn so I am not sure what it is. It really is a pretty purple.

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Some one else I work with showed me a picture of these little knitted hats that go on wine bottles to dress them up. She asked if I could figure out how to make it and teach her how. I did it in about 10 minutes. My daughters like it very much - since it also fits Barbie's head.

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In Hubby news, all test are normal and hormone levels are perfect. He will have to be tested every so often to check and make sure his thyroid is working enough. Other then that we just have to keep an eye out for signs of low function.

I want to thank everyone for the emails and comments during this whole thing. It helped, it really did. = )

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pinwheel Sweater is finished (almost again)

I finished the Pinwheel Sweater (Happy Happy Joy Joy). Well the knitting part anyway. I can not seem to find a tapestry needle big enough to weave in the ends. I can find tons of small holed ones that I use on socks (last time I needed one of those I could not find any and went out and bought about 20 needles - and I didn't buy any of the larger ones since I had about a million all over the place) but none that I need right now. This weekend I may just have to go get more if none show up.

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I also made another hat. This one is for my nephew. I used the same pattern I made up for Hubby's friend - I just used a smaller hook size and needle size. It was done super quick. I am using the same yarn for a pair of socks for him and I should have enough yarn left over to add ear flaps and i cord for tying. (ok so it really is not done done but it is close)

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Short post - I am off to keep looking for those darn needles.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A sweater ..... almost

I have a problem and it affects me all the time when I am knitting. The closer I get to the finish line the less I work on something. The pinwheel sweater has been at this stage for about a week. I have half a sleeve to finish (that and about a million ends to weave in , but that is another problem and another post) = ). Anyway here is the progress.

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Well instead of knitting on the pinwheel I have been knitting hats.

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This one is a bonnet for Daughter. I based it on Russian Winter from Knitting Nation. I used a strand of Wool of the Andes and a strand of Oh My! (which is a perfect name since that is what you say when you pet it) held together.

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That ball of yarn is a purchase from Rhinebeck which is being knitted into a hat and scarf or maybe a combo hat/scarf thingie.

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This hat is something I came up with for a family friend. He wanted a black beanie and well the simpler something is the harder it is for me to make right. So my solution is to crochet the band and then pick up and knit the rest. (the horror - I combined knitting and crochet!!!) = ) joking. It came out great and should fit great too. It fits Hubby and they both have the same size- ish heads. yarn: Knit picks Swish in black. size G hook and size 8 dpns

Well that is what I have been up too. I hope everyone has a great holiday and be safe traveling this weekend. I (hopefully) will be knitting and spinning this long weekend.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reason not to start knitting at 11:00 at night

A couple of weeks ago I started the Fawkes socks. I started them late at night - it was one of those I can't sleep so I will start something nights. Normally when I do something like this I usually pick something easy and mindless. Not this time. I pick Fawkes. I wanted to start these for a while and I guess I just couldn't wit any longer. I knitted the cuff and foot until I was done with the gusset decreases and then they were put away. With everything that has been going on I had not touched them since.

Forward to last night. I was going to bring them with me to work to work on them. I took the sock out of the bag to check on it before I put it in my bag. As I was looking at it it just didn't look right. I held it up to my foot and it looked really small. Then I checked the needles. Yep they were the wrong size. They were size 0. I was suppose to be using size 1(2.5mm). Needles to say they were small and when I took the needles out, I tried it on before frogged the yarn. Couldn't even get it over my toes. Not only was I using the wrong needle size but I think I was knitting really tight too. The sock could stand on it's own. (I should have taken a picture...)

Well I restarted today and I am back to where I was.

Lesson learned.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Everything is back to normal

Well our version of normal. = ) I have been a bad blogger with my attempt at blogging everyday. It was really busy here the past few days and well blogging (and knitting) was bumped off the agenda.

Well I do have updates.

Hubby is doing great and all news so far has been good news.

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Yep he is doing well. (playing video games and relaxing)

The Pinwheel sweater is not done. I am now on a sleeve. I was waiting to get Daughter on her own so I can see how much more I need to do on the sleeves (one advantage of the girls being the same size).

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I finished Son's socks. I used a sock yarn that I do not have the band and can not remember what the name is. I knitted them in 3x2 ribbing. (and I remembered to center the ribbing on this pair)

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I also finished the Dragon scarf. I think my gauge is a little tight since it came out really small. It is not too small for a 6 year old but it is for an adult.

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I also finished a Kittyville hat for Budha. I know it is a bad picture. Sorry. Pattern from Stitch N Bitch handbook. I used swish from KnitPicks

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We have a new addition to our family (poor thing). Iggy the Iguana. Iggy fits right in here.

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Iggy is hanging from the screen top of the tank by his toe nail.

On christmas knitting I am almost half done!! 13 out of 30 items are done. The only down side is that there is only about 6 weeks left until christmas.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Good News!!

I just got home from the hospital and so far so good. Hubby did well in surgery and a quick test did not find anything cancerous. Of course the lesion will be sent out for more testing and then we will know for sure. He is doing well and is just sore. He is eating and it is staying down. Hope fully he will get some rest (can anyone do that in a hospital?) tonight and will come home tomorrow afternoon.

Thank You everyone who sent thought and well wishes. It helped big time.

I also did not realize how tense and stressed I was until I received the call that Hubby was out of surgery and everything was good. I was so relieved I went outside and cried in the car. I also feel exhausted (like home with a newborn) and hopefully I will be able to sleep (I have a hard time sleeping when Hubby is not with me - Yes I know it is mushy but hey that is how we are)

Thank You again.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

knitting- not so much (so far)

Whenever I have great plans planned, I should know that it will not work out. I planned on finishing the pinwheel sweater today (I have not even touched it yet), switching out the summer clothes (did that), shopping (check), cleaning (does changing the guinea pig's cage count) and watching football (maybe 5 minutes). It just seemed like one of those days where nothing goes right.

Well the kids are in bed and the sunday night game is almost on and well, I am going to work on that sweater.

Hubby's surgery to tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

mini up date

Yeah!!!! I am on the i-cord edge of the pinwheel sweater!!!! I should be able to finish it (edging- maybe the whole thing) during football tomorrow.

No pictures today as the weather was still icky. (rain, wind and cold - holy cow fall is actually here!?)

I am off to enjoy the extra hour of sleep tonight!

Friday, November 2, 2007

I like spinning = )

Well yesterday after I blogged I sat down and was ready to work on the pinwheel sweater (I am on the last band of color- so close) and I saw my Rakestraw spinner. It was calling me. I thought well I could spin for a little while......

Well that little while became the rest of the night. I did however spin the entire 2 oz of merino. To me it looks like dk weight. I know there is a ruler somewhere and when I find it i will check the wpi. I even set the twist and the yarn is drying. I am thinking about plying it but I am still undecided. I will have to see how the orange merino spins up and then I will decide.

I did take pictures but it is so dark and overcast and the flash did not show the color well. Actually it made it look black when it is really a purplely - navy color. Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny so my fingers are crossed

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blog a Post A Day in November!!

Ok if you haven't heard there are a few things that one can do in the month of November. 1. write a novel - not going to happen. 2. knit a 50,000 stitch sweater - way to many things I have to knit for christmas and well I really do not have the attention span to knit a whole 50,000 stitch sweater. 3. blog everyday - I think this one is something I might be able to do.

So there you go - i will try to blog everyday and hopefully not bore everyone to tears. = )

Here is todays post.

Yesterday when we were almost home from trick or treating something bad almost happened. Hubby had crossed the street with Son and Budha and Daughter and I were on the corner while I was calling in our dinner order (chinese - yummy). Some A-Hole stopped his Jeep Liberty (blocking on coming traffic lane) started getting out of his Jeep and talked to my daughter. I heard someone talking and at first I thought it was other trick or treaters. Since I was on the corner I didn't see anyone. I turned and saw A-Hole, I grabbed Daughter and said What!! He jumped back into his car and took off. I ran across the street to Hubby and told him what happened. We decided we were done and started walking home. As we got to the corner by our house A-Hole was turning back onto the block. I shouted that's him and he took off. Yes I called the police and made a report. No we didn't get the plate number.

Can you believe this!! I am so pissed off. and upset and scared. We have told our kids many times do not talk to strangers, do not go near strangers.... but here we are going from house to house talking to strangers. Strangers saying how cute you look and we say thank you. So we tell our kids one thing and then go and do what we told them not to do. I can understand how this may seem confusing to a 5 year old.

I just thank Who ever above that he didn't get her.

(sorry if this doesn't make much sense - I am still really upset about it and can't seem to think straight)

Monday, October 29, 2007

I Made Yarn!!!

Ok, so it is just a little bit, but it is mine and I made it. I think I am going to frame it. = )

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I also started spinning the Corriendale roving. I do not like how it is coming out.. The yarn is, I guess you would say "sticky". It would be great for felting and I am thinking about making felted balls, that I could make snowmen out of. I sense a kid project coming on. = ) (sorry about the fuzzy pic - kids running around) = )

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(Note: for some reason Blogger does not want this picture uploaded. I have tried several times tonight. I will try again tomorrow - ok scratch that. Blogger has uploaded them but now the pictures are HUGE!!! and off center - go figure)

So I took the Corriendale off of the spinner (duh, how else did I take the pic?) and started spinning the merino (the multi one)

Ok here is knitting updates.

Pinwheel sweater: I am now on the second to last color band. You really can't see in the picture but I am knitting purple, and pink is the last before bind off. I really can't take this with me now since it is larger and there are 2 balls of purple attached and waiting for the sleeves to be knitted. I have this feeling if I travel with it the yarn will go everywhere. (that is my luck with this kinda stuff)

I made a quick headband for a little cousin. In the picture it looks horrible but it is cute in real life. I used a yarn I had in my stash. It is from knitpicks and it is a bulky yarn and I have no clue what exactly it is since I have lost the ball band. = )

I started the Dragon Scarf. Here is the tail. The yarn is nice but I really am not thrilled with picking out twigs, sticks and other veggie stuff. Now I know that this is part of a home grown yarn but is this normal to be picking this stuff out every 6 inches?

I also started a pair of Fawkes socks (can not find the link right now but the pattern is from socktopia) I really like that the person I am giving these too wears a size 4.5 womens (and yes she is an adult). = )

Everyone have a Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finished Stuff and a Good Lesson Learned

Remember the last time I dyed yarn? I dyed 440 yards in orange and black and slightly felted it. Well I learned something a little important with that yarn (besides the part where I watch the pot to make sure it does not boil and felt the yarn). When I skeined the yarn, I had wrapped it around 3 chairs and only tied it loosely in 2 places. I also hung it outside to dry. On a windy day!!! Note to self: If I hang yarn outside to dry and it is a little windy maybe I should tie it in more then 2 places and it might help if I make sure it doesn't fall off the hanger and blow around the yard. The slight felting was not the problem, all of the knots were. It took me almost 3 hours to untangle that mess. I am loving how it came out. I think it will become socks for Halloween. (Next Halloween most likely)

Okay, back on friday while I was waiting for Hubby to finish hie pre op testing I finished the Harlot Scarf.

I used 2 hanks of Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande on size 10.5 needles. If it ever gets cold here I could use it. Here it is the end of October and the leaves have barely changed. Yesterday it was 75 degrees!!! This is crazy.

I also finished another Christmas gift.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A Owl Cable Hat. Budha is modeling it for me. It was really neat to see the owls form while I was knitting it. I used Knitpicks Swish in Truffle. It only took a little more the a ball to make this hat. I have enough to make another one and I am tempted to make myself one.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rhinebeck!!! Part 2

Okay now that the telling and pictures of Rhinebeck are done , now it is time for the fun part. What I bought!!!

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This was my first purchase. It is from High View Farm. 100% wool and 153 yards of bulky prettyness. It is bulky weight. I am thinking maybe a scarf and hat or hat and mitts.

At the Spinning Mill I bought this:
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460 yards of Merino hand dyed. It was the last one in this colorway. This might become a shawl.

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Sock Yarn!!!

The top one is from Koenig Farm. It is hand dyed 425 yards of superwash merino. The color is called Lily Pond.

The bottom two, well I lost the receipt and there are no tags. But I do know it is fingering weight superwash wool. Each one is over 400 yards and I got both for 20 bucks. They are from I think (but I am not sure) Pucker Brush Farm.

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This is from Morehouse Farm. It is a dragon scarf kit. I love there book and when I saw their booth I was so happy. I bought this for The Son.(shhh... it is a surprise) He is going to love it.

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This is the hand spinner. It is called a Rakestraw Spinner. I was spinning in about 2 minutes. The roving on the left is from New Zealand. It is the same wool that was used for the clothing in Lord of the Rings. I have already spun it up and will post picks as soon as it is dry.

Since I bought a spinner I of course needed roving. = )

I could have totally gone crazy.

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This is Berkshire in the color autumn. Eight ounces of softness.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is merino. There is blue, orange and a mixed color (blues and greens)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is Corriendale. I am spinning this right now and loving it.

I originally didn't plan on buying a hand spinner. I had asked for one for christmas. We had seen tons of drop spindles and Hubby said why not. Right after he said that I looked up and we were in front of the Rakestraw spinner tent. I had seen this on the internet and it looked easy. (it also said it was easy on the hands- big plus) Like I typed before I was spinning within 2 minutes. Really easy and fast. Of course there were also spinning wheels everywhere. Hubby kept looking at them and he told me why not. So now we are looking into spinning wheels. I know it is a big ticket item and that is why I really haven't looked into them. Hubby's case is this: He has his video games and his way of thinking is that if I really want one , I am worth it. He is so sweet. He knows I would not spend the money on myself, so he is going to get me one. (first I have to make up my mind about which one I want)

= )

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck!!! Part 1

We almost didn't go. Luck was on our side and The Son was better and we could go. We dropped the kiddies off at My Mom's and drove up. It was beautiful weather and the scenery was very pretty.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It only took about 2 hours to get there. The amount of people there was amazing

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It was crowded. When we went into one of the vendor buildings the temp went up at least 20 degrees.

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There were people spinning. Hubby really got into it, asking questions taking pictures, he was really great!!

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I couldn't decide which one to buy

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Naked Sheep

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This was the booth that had this really neat hand spinner thingie

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great teacher

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Here I am trying it

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yep, I bought it

which means.....

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yes I bought that.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hubby carrying the goodies. More on that tomorrow!! = )