Saturday, September 9, 2017


As of 7:19 pm my Kris is now 15!! This girl is amazing and I am so proud of her.

Shes not a fan of cake so she asks for brownies, gooey ones.

Aaaannnnd my attempt to get a picture with the kids. Its hard someone is always making some sort of face.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

First Day

First out the door today was Ang my 8th grader

Then my MJ sniff sniff. He went off to kindergarten.
Then went my two off to high school. Kris is in 10th and Dillon is now in 11th! Holy *(*& 

School was pretty much the same across the board. How was school? - fine. Learn anything? - no

Busing on the other hand. The middle school pm busing was basically FUBAR with over 30 kids left behind without a bus and who knows how many one the wrong bus. I had to pick Ang up from school.
I was told the wrong times for Mj and he was a little late but it is the first day and a child was missing from our stop. I can not even imagine.  Not shockingly I could not get in touch with transportation to fix Ang's problem. They just had it loop back to the main menu. Its not rocket science here people.

Anyway. I was a complete wreck all day until all of my babies were home. Not sure if tomorrow will be any better. To all the school districts out there - these problems with transportation is the reason why so many parents drive in their kids. This year they are encouraging parents to use the bus system but yet its so f*&^ing messed up. We are seriously thinking about driving Mj in. I walked my kids to school in Long Island for this exact reason. At least Ang is old enough to help herself. Mj is 5 and still trying to remember my name.UGH!!!!!