Thursday, December 31, 2015

The end of the year

It's crazy that it's the end of the year already. It's nice that this year I and not hoping that 2015 is getting its a^% out of here. 

It was a big year for us. We moved. It was so needed. A new start for every one and all the kids are blooming here

Craft wise well most of the year my stuff was packed away so not much got done. I have the official numbers soon. I also realized that I never posted last years numbers. Silly me. I guess that's what I get for constantly posting on either my phone or iPad. 

Today we clean. Dear Harry Potter's uncle it needed it. It was sad to see the tree go
 It was still keeping its needles and drinking water but it took up so much room. 
Same view. We found toys and wrapping paper- crazy. 
Lots of cooking 

Overnight Challah French toast. Sooooo goooooood 
And dinner

Pot roast. In process picture. Meat seared and veggies added. I hope it tastes as good as it smells 

Happy New Years Eve everyone. See you next year =]

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's about time

Because 73 on Christmas Eve and 67 on Christmas is just so wrong

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Oh boy

This past month has been absolutely crazy pants. Really no other way to describe it.  

Today has been officially declared Not Doing Anything Day. I was looking for something small to do and a certain little cutie asked if I could make him a toy like Santa. I was looking through some patterns I had and saw "Mousie" by Ysolda Teague and sure enough he said yes. His Mousie must be dark blue though with pink parts so after a little digging I found yarn that was approved

Catch up soon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lets Finally Get Caught Up

I finally found my camera cord, well I think it's my camera cord. It worked so that is good enough for me.

So lets see how far back I have to go...... I think it is Rhinebeck.
It was cold and cloudy. Though when the sun came out it warmed up quite a bit. Heck for a few minutes it even snowed.
Would not be Rhinebeck without sheep and goats (didnt manage any pictures of the llamas and alpacas, they were showing when we went through the staging area)
Could totally have stayed and kept petting this sweet girl.

So lets get to the goodies
This is llama fiber.  Every year that I have gone I have bought from this farm. Sadly this was the last year they were going to be there. The owners are older and want to cut back and concentrate on there online store instead.  I was nice that I got to see them one last time.
( way back when i posted about spinning llama down it was from the same people.  I just cant find the post to link. Its somewhere.)

Doctor Who project bag. Had to of course. =)

Also in the of course line, I stopped by my friend Karin's booth. Three Aran weeight yarns and her special Rhinebeck 2015 yarn (2nd from the left)

This is Jacob Sheep fiber They naturally come in black and white. The last time I was at Rhinebeck the Jacob sheep was the sheep of the year. Could not find any fiber then, but thatnks to that year Jacob sheep have become more popular. I was happy to have it natural. amazingly people like it seperated, which honestly kinda defeats the purpose of having a naturally black and white sheep.

Basket of course. I get one each year. This one I am currently using to keep all my ornaments making stuff.

Favorite lip balm of all time. Bought two this time. Finally learned.

Yarn- this year it seems I liked natural colored.

Because you can never have too many spindles. I bought a lightweight one handd made from ceder (it still smells too) Lightweight means I should be able to soin really thin. We shall see it it actually works that way.

Couldnt help myself with this purchase they were so cute.

So that's Rhinebeck. Next up is Halloween.
Pumpkins. I carved the spider - Mj picked it. Kris did the Halloween one. Ang did the cat and Dillon did the last one. He carved 3 different things on his pumpkin, not sure what it was he carved.


Murphy surprising Bubba.

Thats pretty much it, I think.  I have been working on ornaments. Can not post about 1 of them just in case the future owner reads this post. Figures.  I should have one more done tonight so then I'll have more to post.

Its been slow in the making department. My hands just dont work the way they used to. That and my back and just the crazy life that has been the norm of late.  Well what gets done gets done, right?


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Here's my update

(still no cord, now I am stating to worry)

It seems like each year I pick some sort of ornament to make. I also seem to try everything there is out ther craft wise. Pinterest is like a drug for this. So many ideas, so little time.

So these are this years ornaments
Paper punches and pins and a styrofoam ball is all that is needed.
I like this one. Kinda looks like an acorn.

So it wasnt a far jump into fabric ones
this way looks like an acorn
this way it looks like an artichoke.

Then today I tried these
On this one I followed the directions.On the next one me being me did my own thing.
I love this one.  This one is destined to be given away but I have enough to make another one. Well after I get more pins and balls. I guess everyone is thinking the same thing when i was at the store and I bought them out of balls and pins. That sounds like a lot but it really wasnt.

I have been doing other craft things. Like trying to figure out what to do with huge spool of left over para cord that I bought really cheap in Loew's (500 yards for $7.99 - try that in a craft store. Its not going to happen) to make a plant hanger. My spider plant went huge being outside and there was no way the hanger was going to hold it. So a little cord a metal ring and some knots and my spider plant is safe (macrame basically). Anyway after spending way to much time on Pinterest I came up with this.

A really bad picture of a basket. I crocheted around the para cord with some cotton i had left over (both are white so there isn't much to see). I made it while sick (it was just a 24 hourish thing but please kids stop bringing this crap home) so it is small. it was more of a proof of concept thing.

And some knitting
Working on a scarf for Uncle Mike. I promised them that if he and Aunt Rosie moved back up here I would make them stuff to stay warm. Well they moved at the same time we did so its time to make good on my promise.

Now all I need is my hands to cooperate.

= ]

ETA: I am not the only one who is into making these. Kris has made these two
paper and
fabric. She's my crafty girl.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Sorry Aunty no Rhinebeck pictures yet. I cant find the bleeping cable for my camera. Ugh - moving.

Anyway Happy belated Halloween. I have great pictures on my camera, of course right, but i did snap some with my phone,
My Ang as Grumpy cat. Its actually her nick name too.  She is very good at making the face.
My Kris as Raven from Teen Titans
My boys as Mortal Kombat characters Scorpion (Dillon) and Sub-Zero (MJ)

Kris my budding special effects make up artist did this to me for Halloween.  Lots of compliments. The only bad thing is it turned out i had a reaction to the make up after a couple of hours.  It took a couple of days to clear up but it was worth it for all the praise she got.

Cat pic

Next time - some actually making has happened!

disclaimer: i did buy Mjs costume. I made the rest. He had his heart set on that costume and well it would have cost more to make (thank you toddler size) though he did ask me why i didnt make him a costume. 3 year old logic ; )

Thursday, October 29, 2015

In the kitchen

Just some of the things I've made. 
This turned into this
So good
It's apple and pork curry
These turned into
Sweet and Cajun pork chops mmmmm
Granola. So easy to make. Need to make more

Calzone braids. Very yummy

Last night I made taco braids. Very good. 

I love to cook and bake. I'm always trying new things. Tonight is Pasta Florentine. It looks good lets see if it tastes good

Friday, October 23, 2015

Problems with math

So I was making a gift. Thing is the pattern was originally for a bulky weight yarn and I wanted to make it in a fingering weight yarn. So a little math and I thought I had it all figured out and ordered the yarn. 
You can see what's going to happen right?

Scarf on the right is halfway done. Yarn on the left is 3/4 done. So it's not going to happen. I ordered another skein with my store credit and fingers crossed the yarn matches. Agh. I figured it would be a tight squeeze but half a skein just is in no way a tight squeeze 
Here's a pic of Murphy. She's so cute. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thank you dear brother

He was here Saturday and was "getting over " a cold. Yeah the past two days I've been basically on the couch sick.  
Finally feel like eating and this hit my fancy. My favorite fruit. Funny thing is I am reading a story about Hades and Persphone. :)