Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mug rug done!!

Used nothing but scraps and leftovers from other projects

Big hexies:). Sorry I'm vague there is a reason ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Better pictures

Add a pair of shorts to the done pile

Kris wanted a pair of lounge shorts. So. 
She picked two different fabrics. This side is planets and
This side is a galaxy sparkle print. There cute on her. I know bad pictures lighting sucked

Two sewing projects done

I cut these out months ago and they have been sitting on my extra chair since. Mj asked for them and when we picked fabric he said I should make myself a pair too
I am talking about pj pants

I did discover something sewing his together. Late at night is not the time to cut fabric. 
His TARDISs are upside down. Rookie mistake. He doesn't care. Sweet thing he is. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

I can see this as something addicting

It took me over two hours to undo my boo boo last night. I did manage to pin it the right way and start sewing today. Quilting it will take some time but the end is with in sight. 

I also finished the hexagons and sewed them together. 
Mug rug - basically a mini quilt in oversized coaster form. Big enough for a mug and a snack (like cookies)

I will machine see the first half of the binding on then hand sew the rest. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Proof that I am not perfect

When it comes to crafting my children think I don't make mistakes. Of course I do, all the time in fact. I have just become good at fixing or covering them. 

This time there really is no way to fix other the take apart and redo. I have to take out about 25 feet of machine sewing. I layered MJs quilt in the wrong order. I'm doing a bind less quilt and I had the quilt top on top to measure and for some reason didn't reorder before I pinned. Genius I am. 
My view for most likely the next hour :(

The year of the funk

That's what it seems to be. I am seriously still in a crafting funk. Nothing really interests me. I have been doing a little, and I mean little, here and there but nothing really completely finished. 

It took months to do this. It's MJs new quilt since he is in a twin bed (for about a year). It's waiting for quilting and then it will be done. Then the other kids are next. I have 2 already planned and drawn out and I am about 80% with a third. No idea for Codys. 

Another thing I have started
Hexies. Basically turning scraps into something. These will become a mug rug hopefully. They are fast so maybe that's what I need. 

Usually these funks only last a little bit but this is almost 6 months!!  I am even bored with reading!?!?!?! Crazy pants I know. 

Fingers crossed the end is near. There are things I want to do just can't get my self moving