Monday, March 31, 2014

Well played

After the mini blizzard this morning with 4 inches of snow, it is now 55 and sunny. Perfect for batting practice- yep baseball season is upon us

I think Mama Nature thinks it's

April 1st. 
This is what it look likes outside my door at 9:30.  It started snowing around 7 when I took my oldest to school early. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Typical day

My little MJ is in the 2's and he has learned a new word

For example:
Me: MJ it is time for breakfast
MJ: no 
Me: would you like waffles?
MJ: no
Me:would you like cereal?
MJ: no
Me: do you want eggs?
MJ: no

He then eats all his waffles and grapes

Me: time to get dressed MJ
MJ: no

Me: here's you cup 
MJ: no

Basically and thing said to him gets a no. It's a cute no except when it's nap time then it can be an angry no. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Houston, I have a problem

But first. 

Yesterday was my birthday. I have made 37 trips around the sun. Crazy. I don't feel old (mostly though I do have my days  when my body has other ideas) I still feel 25 ;). I had a sweet day. Hubby made me a cake

Delish. The kids behaved. I got a really nice surprise in my email from my Aunty. I also saw my mom on Saturday. It was a really sweet birthday this year. 

Now to my problem. I have been knitting along on my sweater and finished the body. Split for the front, which was finished, and was working on the back. I reached into my bag for another ball if yarn and there was only two little balls left. Weird I had a cardigan that was easily 2 sizes too big and now I wasn't even close to being done. I do have extra yarn but something didn't seem right. So I took it off the needles and held it up to really look at it. 

Ok it seemed a little bigger then I calculated. I'll try it on. 
Yeah I'm a little off. I didn't want a sweater dress. Here's more pictures with a shirt for reference a shirt that is slightly too big and what I was aiming for with this sweater.

Yeah. Maybe I should have checked earlier but I figured my measurements were right. Yeah. The sweater is being balled back up for a second try. 

On the plus side my gauge was right. Go figure

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Finally a sock

This sock has been my traveling sock. Something easy that I can put down and pick up easily

It took a little longer to do the toe. I knew I was close so I started working on it at home. This morning I got to the toe part and my helper "helped"

Yeah he has fun helping me. It took me fifteen minutes to untangle the yarn. At least there was only a little ball left. It's worth it to knit for a little bit. Now to start the second one

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yeah it's spring!

Well at least according to the calendar it's spring. It was in the 50's today but with the cold north wind it didn't feel like it. Everything is so drab and there are still piles of snow around (and a chance of more snow next week). I really love winter and the snow but when it turns into that dirty snow it's depressing. What I needed was some color and what could be more colorful then this:
Not a great picture, I need to try and get a picture if it in the sun. The color name is Caraval. Lots of bright color. My mom picked it out for her socks. It's perfect and it's even growing on me. =]

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Needed something quick

The past week has not been much fun. Waves of the ick have been going around here. Just when it seems everyone is better along comes something else. Anyway the knitting in my basket is knitting that takes concentration or a toddler not messing with it. Mj seems obsessed lately with my yarn or charts so I needed something small and I don't need the directions and quick doesn't hurt. This little knitting will be a teabag holder. I know several people who travel with tea and it's quick. 
Yes that's my mug. My tea is brewing and it was on the counter. I was also playing around with a camera app so the picture is filtered

Monday, March 10, 2014

For my little sister

She is a Doctor Who fan and has turned my kids and I into fans too. It's almost a race in this house to finish past seasons to get ready for the new one. Now not all past seasons mind you. The show is fifty plus years old. Crazy I know. I know I am hooked. Though the kids can watch Netflix on their iPhones and iPods, I need the tv. I guess I reached the age where well tiny screens hurt my eyes. I am not saying I am old just my eyes get tired way to fast. So I guess it's more of a race between the three of them. Anyway I made my lil sis this hat. It's a TARDIS hat. Quick and easy and she looks cute in it.