Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Well it 90 plus out so

That means it's perfect day to put my garden ot right?  Due to life being well life, today was the day despite it being sunny and humid and in the 90s.  Don't worry,lots of water,sunblock and breaks were taken.
flowers potted 
Radish seeds planted (that's son's project -who also happens to be helping with the pictures)
More flowers. Got to support the bees
Only 2 tomato plants this year and a cayenne pepper
Herbsky section. Lavender and rosemary survived the winter.  I planted cilantro, parsley and basil plants.  We also found these old seed pods, dill and sage,so we stuck them in to see if they will grow because why not.  Lastly all around marigolds. They keep bugs away from the plants and help keep mosquitoes away too so win win. Plus some color.
I just have one bed to clean up and I am done for spring.  Keeping it extremely light this year.  

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


My yoga app gives little words of wisdom each time I log in. Today was with out a doubt the best and I may have laughed just a little too much.  Thank you Down Dog. 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

my new happy place

Which if you knew me would be surprising because I used to hate being outside in the sun, especially if the temperature rose above 65.  Heck maybe it's the anemia. Goddess knows I  always cold.
80 plus humidity I'm usually dying at this point.
I try to run outside and grab some outside time every day. Even if it's just laying on the trampoline (I no way in heck jump on it but it makes for great laying on) for a few minutes.

It's my get away from the chaos and relax and re center place.  Well until some one finds me. It usually doesn't take long.