Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016

My house is a mess from the holidays. New toys and stuff everywhere. Craft stuff everywhere. Though everything turned out great in the end. Though I wish there was something like a reverse tornado that puts things away.
I did almost get everything finished in time. Only thing left is a little bit of sewing and I'll be caught up. I was also bad and did not take many pictures instead I chose to live the moment.

So let's have a montage of pictures

Monday, December 12, 2016

New Christmas hats

(Original ones posted back on December 20 2011). It was time for new ones. Those hats were worn each year and well now those heads are bigger and Mj needed one (though no lights just yet)
Looking back to see how old those original hats were just showed me how quickly time passed. Mj was in my belly 3 weeks away from coming out, Hershey was alive and well, and my kids which I thought were so old seem like babies compared to now. Five years doesn't seem like much time but boy is it ever.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Oh Christmas tree ( hopefully this works until I figure something out)

Nope it didn't. The pictures showed up but no text :(. I went back in and edited)

This is Bob. He is Hubby's hippo that we picked up when we moved. I decorate him ; )

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Seeing if this works

Well it turned out Blogger is no longer updating with iOS. In another words it stopped supporting its app. Thing is they really didn't tell anyone and now there's lots of pissed people. I don't have time to sit at my computer and blog and doing it from my phone was really the best.

I don't know what I'll do, Heck I am not even sure if this will post (I am on my IPad that I never got around updating the is for.  Pretty crappy of Blogger.

Anyway that's the reason for the radio silence. I have blogger some posts Halloween and such and the posts went poof. I also have no idea if anyone has been commenting either

Looks like I'll have to look into migrating my blog or starting a new I don't know. :(

Let's see it this works 'hits publish'

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The last one is really off

It's really just be flying by here. September 6th just seem like last week not a month plus!!!

Let's play catch up. Not that I have much but
There's been fires in our fire pit. Made from stuff around the property. Cost ten dollars for the sand that keeps the fire break. 

My Kris turned 14!!!!!
And then proceeded to scare the crap out of me. She came into the kitchen and I was in instant momma bear mode. 
Little stinker was playing around with make up. She is really into special effects make up. She go me good. Here is some more of her work (she uses nothing special either)
Bite mark

Burned zombie thing. Wish I had a better picture it was amazing 
Face peeling but she couldn't stop smiling 

Crazy right

And *sniff sniff *. My baby went off to pre k. We got the call that a spot opened up on October 3rd. I was so not ready for this. Cried my eyes out after I dropped him off. He did what the others did just went off with out a problem. 
And my favorite time of the year is here. Fall and winter yeah. Though today was 85. Nope no climate change happening (sarcasm big time)
Was cutting apart a curtain I made back when I was a teenager and found two pins stillin the fabric. Memories flooded back. Those pins were my grandma's. She taught me to sew and I made that curtain on her machine at her house with her help. It took this long to reuse the fabric and then I found the pins. Crazy pants people. (It was one of those scarf style curtains about 2.5 yards long from the 90's)
And knitting happened!!!! I made a ball :)
I bought this book a few years Arians I love the balls in it. So the best way I figured is to start with ball one and just go through the book. There is maybe 3 I am not really into making. Just need to steam and stuff it. Figured I could do them in bunches 

That's pretty much it I think

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The last one is off

My funny boy had to pose

Number 2 out the door

My lil 9 th grader. I am not handling the fact I have two in high school

Happiest time of the year

First day of school!!!! 
So this first day all three are leaving at different times
First out my new 7th grader

Sunday, August 7, 2016

What I have been up to

This is card weaving. Something I learned back in high school 
These are just test pieces to get back in the hang of things. 

I was telling my girls about it and about all the different things we learned how to make. I still have many of the things I made those years. I had a great art teacher. Mrs. Levine. She taught art through all my elementary year and high school. I only had a different art teacher in middle school. I started wondering about her and Googled her. :( sadly she passed away a few years after I graduated high school. Amazing woman she was. My junior year she left for part of the year to fight breast cancer. She asked me - me out of all her students- to help the sub art teacher to teach her students. Mostly it was basket weaving and bead making. I was honored then but of course looking back I realize how much of an honor it was. 

My thoughts are with you my dear art teacher. Your memory lives in me with all I learned and still make and in my children who I have passed your teachings in to. Where ever you may be - Thank you

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Passing the torch

(Kris is making a face as she usually does)

That's my Kris learning how to spin on my old wheel. Both my girls learn to spin on a spindle. Tonight Kris bugged me to learn and so I dug out my old wheel and she picked it up really quickly (like she usually does)

Tomorrow she'll learn how to ply :)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mug rug done!!

Used nothing but scraps and leftovers from other projects

Big hexies:). Sorry I'm vague there is a reason ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Better pictures

Add a pair of shorts to the done pile

Kris wanted a pair of lounge shorts. So. 
She picked two different fabrics. This side is planets and
This side is a galaxy sparkle print. There cute on her. I know bad pictures lighting sucked

Two sewing projects done

I cut these out months ago and they have been sitting on my extra chair since. Mj asked for them and when we picked fabric he said I should make myself a pair too
I am talking about pj pants

I did discover something sewing his together. Late at night is not the time to cut fabric. 
His TARDISs are upside down. Rookie mistake. He doesn't care. Sweet thing he is. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

I can see this as something addicting

It took me over two hours to undo my boo boo last night. I did manage to pin it the right way and start sewing today. Quilting it will take some time but the end is with in sight. 

I also finished the hexagons and sewed them together. 
Mug rug - basically a mini quilt in oversized coaster form. Big enough for a mug and a snack (like cookies)

I will machine see the first half of the binding on then hand sew the rest. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Proof that I am not perfect

When it comes to crafting my children think I don't make mistakes. Of course I do, all the time in fact. I have just become good at fixing or covering them. 

This time there really is no way to fix other the take apart and redo. I have to take out about 25 feet of machine sewing. I layered MJs quilt in the wrong order. I'm doing a bind less quilt and I had the quilt top on top to measure and for some reason didn't reorder before I pinned. Genius I am. 
My view for most likely the next hour :(

The year of the funk

That's what it seems to be. I am seriously still in a crafting funk. Nothing really interests me. I have been doing a little, and I mean little, here and there but nothing really completely finished. 

It took months to do this. It's MJs new quilt since he is in a twin bed (for about a year). It's waiting for quilting and then it will be done. Then the other kids are next. I have 2 already planned and drawn out and I am about 80% with a third. No idea for Codys. 

Another thing I have started
Hexies. Basically turning scraps into something. These will become a mug rug hopefully. They are fast so maybe that's what I need. 

Usually these funks only last a little bit but this is almost 6 months!!  I am even bored with reading!?!?!?! Crazy pants I know. 

Fingers crossed the end is near. There are things I want to do just can't get my self moving

Monday, June 20, 2016

15 years

I married my other half :)

Love you Honey 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

I am a glutton for punishment

So with all the crap going on these days I needed something mindless to do. I wasn't really in the mood to start something new and reading just wasn't cutting it so much. So I went through all the stuff I had started already and while I was doing this my Kris asked about a quilt I started backin 2014. It was sort of an experiment really. I had quickly read on how to make a circle quilt and then tried it on my own with out the directions.  Of course the original size was a lap quilt and being me I made it much bigger - twin size.
Basically I took scraps of Christmas fabric I had bought for practically nothing and used them to make this quilt. I thought it was a great idea. Thing is I have God only knows how many circles (of course I thought the more the merrier so I used all the scraps) that then had to be hand sewn to the top fabric. That's where iI was at a few sewn down before the whole thing got put away.  I figured why not, at least I would have a few more sewn down. Well about 2 weeks later ( I worked on it in spurts) all of those blasted circles were sewn down.
I then made the quilt sandwich -backing fabric and fluff. Layer it all out and pinned it all together nice nice.
Then I sat there before rolling it all up trying to figure out what would be the best way to quilt the whole thing.  Thing is circles are not easy to sew on a machine especially with a quilt this big. So I am had quilting it. Nothing exciting just white circles around the circles.  I didn't want to take away from the fabrics.

It sat for a week and last night I started 5 down many many more to go.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

First fire of the season and a new companion

I have arrhythmia. It's gotten worse since I found out 2.5 years ago. So new cardiologist whole battery of tests. Including this lovely monitor. 3 weeks of ekg monitoring. Thing is the little computer has my baseline so anytime it registers something abnormal it records and sends it to the monitoring place. Thing is it beeps when it records and honestly if every beep means something wrong it's freaking scary. Any way 2 more weeks to go lots of blood to be taken and a Sonogram and the best a stress test!!(sarcasm)

So very slowly I have made a few things
4 pairs of pj/ lounge pants. Yes only three are pictured. Missed MJs camouflage ones
Tulip cross stitch for a cross stitch exchange. I also made this 

It's a needle minder. There's a magnet inside that hold the needle for you. 

Also when we bought our couch about 9 months ago it came with pillows that all managed to all fall apart
So I made new pillow forms for all four
Now I can change the pillow covers. Right now I made these
All together it cost maybe $20 to redo all 4. One pillow form costs more then that. Love when that happens. 

Sadly that is all I have creatively made since who know when. But I am slowly making and hopefully The Doc can get my heart behaves I am sure I will feel way better.