Friday, January 22, 2010


Everyone freaks out about the "possible broken bone" mentioned. Her
you go. Boodee fell out of her bed ( not sleeping playing) and landed
on her elbow. Xrays were inconclusive but the er dr believes there may
be a hairline fracture. She is holding up well. Her arm is wrapped and
in a sling. As long as she doesn't move it to much she is ok

Just for kicks

Here is a picture of last years sock with the new one. Can you say
growth spurt!?!?!

Yes they do!!

Sickness and possible broken arm has caused chaos here. I did grab the
boy and yes that big sock fits!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I just finished one of my son's socks and well just look how big it
is! I have a womens size ten and my boy is only 8!!! Will see in the
morning if it fits.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Look what my boy can do

No not knit. He finally got the curling of ones tongue figured out.
The things that think is important. I love this boy of mine very much.
I guess you could say it is because he was my firstborn that there is
a special connection. Now I am not saying that I love my other two any
less. I love each one of them as much as the others, it is that there
is a different bond with each. I have also learned that one does not
need to give birth to the child to love him as much as the others. I
am talking about my stepson Code Man. He is such a great kid and we
all miss him very much when he is not here

Ok enough of the mushy stuff. My Skywalker is holding something new
that I am working on. Since it was his sweater that was frogged. It
was his turn for socks and he picked my mets yarn that I had dyed last
year. I am on the heel of the first one. I am using a 9" circular and
the sock is going pretty fast. Hopefully his feet will not have a
growth spurt anytime soon. He grows like a weed. : )

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A very long term project

( let's try this again. All my text got eaten it looks like so I will retry)

ok the above picture is of a scrap blanket the I have been working on during football this weekend. I am using my worsted weight leftovers to either make into a blanket, throw, scark, or pillow depending on my stamina ( and scraps).

I also seem to be in a sort of knitting funk. I really do not want to start anything new. I finished three old projects and am working on four others. Plus I have frogged two. I am thinking about going through everything and seeing what WIPS I have. Might as
well take full advantage of this funk after all.

I also would lime to congratulate the Ravens for giving the Patroits their loss. It totally made my day to watch poor lil Brady pouting on the sidelines.

: )

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A very sad frogging

I have been on a WIP kick ( and Lynn I have many many wips). I pulled
out my son's sweater that I started I think 4 years ago. I have pulled
it out here and there and made changes to fit my growing like a weed
boy ( seriously he outgrows clothes before they wear out he is 8) Well
this time I pulled it out grabbed my son and measured to see how much
I needed to do. Sad thing is it is not going to fit him no way. The
body is way to small and I can not get the sleeve around his arm. I
have made so many changes along the way that even if it did fit I
think it would really wonky. He was a little upset when I told him
that the sweater wouldn't fit. He asked if I could just make it in a
bigger size. I of course am going to. I just need to buy yarn for it.
I do not have enough of the yarn to remake a larger size. Heck I am
not even sure I have enough to finish this size. This was started back
in the day when I was still learning how to judge how much yarn for

I am a little upset too. I still remember him asking for this sweater.
He was four and asked so sweetly. You will get you sweater my sweet
boy. I promise

Monday, January 4, 2010

My oldest WIP is now no more

Because it is now a FO. It is a pillow with a Superman symbol ( that
took me forever to chart. This was before I realize what you can do on
the Internet for knitting). It was started 4 years ago for my
Superman. Yes Honey I am talking about you ; ). The yarn is Red
Heart. I started this before I knew that you could buy yarn other the
Michael's or Joann's. Ah how things have changed. The pillow measures
in at about 20 by 20 inches. Love you honey!!