Sunday, February 13, 2011


There were a bunch born last year. I made a bunch of baby stuff and still need to post most of them. This post is about one for a little cousin born in November.

First though a little something for the big sister
Bella's bunny
A little knitted bunny, which believe it or not is made from a knitted square with ears added.
Now for the little babe. I made her a quilt.
Riley's quilt
Ladybugs and strawberries.
Riley's quilt
Bright and cheerful for a happy little babe

I tried some free hand quilting. Not to bad IMO.

Mom and girls love them.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Items number 2 and 3


The Hubby actually asked for a hat! This is a big deal because well ever since the Islander sock incident he hasn't asked for anything from me. Now he has asked for socks and a hat!! He picked the yarn. Something I totally would not think he would wear but hey hehas his hat and has worn it many times already.

making a face
(I have mentioned before he always has to make a face when getting his picture taken this is half a face. I am getting quicker at snapping them and not giving him enough time to make said face)

the top

Yarn is Cascade 220.It is 3 different colors. Black, grey and white. 2 by 2 rib for enough to cover the ears then knit around. Basic hat really just big for my big headed and big footed hubby. = )

the brim

My hat is left over Cascade 220 and Suri (which is a fuzzy alpaca yarn) The brim is 2x2 ribbing in just the Cascade 220 then I switched to larger needles and added the Suri in. I wanted a floppy hat. I got a floppy hat

my hat