Thursday, December 31, 2020

one last one

The plan originally for today was to go through my pile of almost finish stuff and see how much I could get done. Yeah. I learned this yeah to not plan and lookie lookie plan went right out the window. 
(Update on the heat. It was something simple.  Stupid simple. But enough to stop the whole system in the tracks. )
Well I did get 1 thing finished a few minutes ago.
I make one every year and here is 2020's. A little late but this year has taught me to just go with it so hey.

Stay safe

because its still 2020 after all

Woke up to a chilly house. Because why not right. Ugh. Hopefully it's just a simple fix and just say the thermostat and not like a big system thing. (Christmas eve we had that nor'easter come through and well there was a ton of power fluctuations throughout the night before it finally went out for a few hours so fingers crossed- yes I was up finishing stuff for Christmas so I have first hand knowledge of that.  Funny thing we lost power when the wind died down)
Meanwhile lots of layers and wool. I'm wearing my Elizabeth Zimmerman's New Zealand sweater which I made for me using measurements and when I weighed (99lbs more. That last pound refuses though I am not really trying) more then I do now so I am able to wear a hoodie underneath.  It is most definitely not a great fitting sweater right now but it is so warm and thats all I car about right now.  Also have on a hat and socks =]

So 2020. Please go the fuck away. Here's hoping 2021 is better.

Stay safe

Sunday, December 13, 2020

well it look and feels like an early spring morning

Grass is green. Sun is warm. Birds are chirping. 

Though it is 10 am on December 13 and we are supposed to get hit by a major coastal storm mid week that going to dump major snow on us. 

Well it is 2020 after all no rules rights?

Monday, December 7, 2020

Another reason

To always have knitting on you.  This pandemic has caused doctors to limit the number of people in the office. I'm totally ok with this.  Its just the majority of my child are technically adults so I can't be with them.  This can be a little overwhelming honestly especially since how many teenagers have been to doctor appointments by themselves. At least they let me in to update the insurance because well they are going to make sure they get paid right?
Anyways, I'm sitting in the car knitting away on Mj's Christmas hat. This year its hats. Thankfully I learned to cable without a cable needle so I can zoom along easily. He picked the yarn. Its my hands spun from some BFL I bought from Rhinebeck when I was pregnant with him. I guess it was destined for him. =]

Stay Safe