Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Okay I finished 2 pairs of socks this month (considering today is the last day of the month it is highly unlikely that another pair will be finished unless of course I suddenly develop some sort of super powers). The first pair are Skywalker's. The grey is some stash knit picks swish dk in ash I do believe and the blue part are Shark boy singles (from Spunky) I didn't have enough singles to do the whole sock and even though you really can not see it there is some grey in the singles. I used the singles on the leg part, just 2x2 ribbing until he said it was long enough. I knitted them toe up with a short row heel. They just fit him now. He has the uncanny ability to have a growth spurt while I am knitting him socks.

pulsations and shark boy
he was off and running after this picture so it is the only one I have

These are mine

Pulsations from Spunky. I used Cherry Tree Hill dk in "Northern Lights". I knitted the first on back in June during exam time and then they sat in my bag over the summer. So the other week I figured it was about time I knitted the second one. So both were knitted in the high school that I work at.


Monday, September 29, 2008

20 days

Ok I think I just broke my own record of number of days with out a post. I am alive and we all are ok now. The day after my last post Hubby went and got himself hurt. Nothing really serious. A fun trip to the ER and what turns out to be a badly sprained MCL. So while he went stir crazy I was trying to do everything and then I got sick which of course tells the RA the it is time to kick my butt. Yeah it has been fun.

I actually did knit a little and spun a little and sewed a little. I wanted to show the socks I finished but alas camera battery is dead. I thought having a rechargeable battery would be better then going through a mountain of AA's but the rechargeable only works with a charge. I am planning on tomorrow. I have lots to show so I think I will start with the socks and then just catch up from there.

Hope everyone is well


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All She wants for her birthday is..

Her 2 front teeth! Well really only one so far. Drama Girl lost one of her front teeth sunday and she just looks adorable! That and she looks like she lost a fight = )
All I want for my birthday is
Today is her 6th birthday. Happy Birthday Drama Girl! I can't believe you are 6!
Happy Bday Drama Girl
Yep she was excited about ripping open her gifts = )

My buttons arrived!! They are wood, cedar to be exact and I can still smell the cedar smell. It is a pleasant light cedar smell not overpowering.

Close up

Laying on Emerald Lady

Laying because I can not find where I put the left over ball of yarn to sew them on. I cleaned everything up before Hanna arrived and I forgot where I put it, but it is safe = )

Hanna was a b&^%h. We didn't loose power but since our apartment in semi underground and we live on Long Island where the water table is like 5 feet underground Hanna's rain decided to get up close and personal. As in we were flooded. Not to bad not much was ruin but the wet vac-ing and drying and keeping up with the water pouring in was a pain in the you know where. We are 99% dried out, Hubby and I need to recover now.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a week and a Woohoo!!!

Wow the three days of school and work were exhausting!! I am not looking forward to this week coming 5 whole days!! We do not get a day off until the end of the month! Why yes I am missing summer (not the heat just the time)

Here is a little rant. I live in a school district with a huge budget so why do the teachers keep asking for so much freaking stuff!! After spending around $200 already I may get another supply list from the teacher on meet the teacher night this wednesday and I received a supply list from the kiddies Art teachers! There goes another $50. (my kids are in first and second btw)

Ok I am done ranting. =) Now for the woohoo's! First I have found buttons!!!! As I type they are on there way to me Yeah!!! I may actually get the wear Emerald Lady next week when the temps are suppose to drop! Happy Happy Joy Joy.

I also have a second Woohoo. Way back (like 18 months ago) the Yarn Harlot talk about this self striping yarn from Freshisle Fibers. It was water melon. It sells out as quickly as she can dye it (of course she has a job and a life so updates are about once a month) and I have not been able to catch an update before it sells out. Today I finally caught one!! I am going to have watermelon socks!!!! Here is a picture of a pair of socks she made using the yarn.

Ok I have to go get ready for TS Hanna who want to come for a visit


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall is almost here

because today is the kiddies and I last day of summer. They all start school tomorrow and i go back to work. So today is a little hectic but i am trying to give them as much time as I can to just be. They were in the pool and now they are watching a movie with Grandma Upstairs (that would be my MIL, my mom is called Grandma Far Far Away - Shrek2 influenced that name) all their summer work is done, all that is left is to pack their bags (with almost $200 worth of stuff), get my stuff together and for all of us to decide what to wear tomorrow. Other then that we are just laying back.

This is what my table looks like
let the chaos begin!
from this morning when finishing touches were put on summer reading projects. Signs of things to come....

Heck I even baked cookies (and Mom-I used the kitchen aid and no weird noises maybe it is getting a 2nd wind?) I have not backed since, actually I really do not remember. Nothing like the first day of school and home made chocolate chip cookies in your lunch.
(psst... for thick fluffy cookies (my fav) refridge the dough for a few minutes before and in between batches)

My favorite flower and another sign fall is coming

These 2 flowers were picked by my girls, family will know exactly who picked which.
daughter flowera

Well that is what I have today and the timer just beep so I have to go get those cookies out.


Monday, September 1, 2008


Kevin Hat. Yep this is like number 10 or abouts. The only thing different is I tried to follow the pattern I wrote, which turned out pretty hard to do. I have made so many that it is pretty much ingrained in the memory. I think I have all of the bugs out, of course I actually have to type it up now = )

kevin hat

I employed Skywalker to model for me. Turns out he has a pretty big head and except for the length it fit him. That picture took about 10 tries. He would not stop moving.

my little poser

Here he is all bad like = ) I laughed when he did this pose, so I had to include it for the family =)