Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well that didn't work

I have been having computer problems lately and sadly it may be the terminal kind. From what I have researched the problems I am having may be coming from the beginning of the end of the motherboard. Motherboards are very important. My little iBook is almost 5 years old and has been used heavily. I have an external hd and I am backing everything up all the time just in case. I thought I had everything working fine but long story short file were corrupted and I lost some important things. Some can be replaced some can not. Like my youngest graduation pictures from pre-k. Thankfully Hubby took pictures on his iPhone so we do have some but there were really great pictures lost.

Well we can not afford a new mac, I have hopes for next year, so I am trying to get more time out of my little iBook. Fingers crossed.

So basically my pictures are gone of my work including socks finished , yarn made, a finished sweater (just needs blocking) and WIPS. Of course after I take picture I put stuff away so now I have to dig everything back out and retake. I know it is not a big deal just a pain in the butt.

Plus my youngest gave me her summer cold and I have no voice. My kiddies are having way to much fun with that. I also have to get everything done and cleaned up cause come monday I go in for another procedure and I will be out of commission for a few days. So much to do so little time........


Saturday, June 27, 2009

this is for the code man to show him I can blog from BJs
Oh well no pictures. : (. Maybe when AT&T gets there act together. Long story in that but if you have an iPhone you might know what I am talking about.
Ok I am trying this out. Email blogging!! Hopefully with pictures!!

Sent from my iPhone

Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh boy it worked!!! Just another reason I love my phone. : )
This is a test of my mobile blogging system also known as my iPhone or a Hubby calls it my iCrack. : )

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Happy Father's Day Dad. I know you are watching over us. I miss you.


A Huge Happy Father's Day (and anniversary - 8 years!!!!!! yesterday) to the best husband, father, cheerleader and friend there is. I Love You Honey =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am alive!!!

Of course. = ) I am better now. Not 100% but I am improving a little each day. Next one happens in 2 weeks. Things have been busy while all the health issues have been happening. Life does go on. Plus I really hate it when my health issues take away from my kiddies. Honestly I already think they have taken too much.

So Skywalker had baseball. In fact today was the last game. I did coach as much as I could and this group of boys were great this year. We went to Little league night at the new Citi Field.

Little league night

We had fun but did have to leave early as we had a early morning game Followed by Drama Girls Dance Recital.

Dance Girl!!

(at rehearsal) Her group was amazing. They danced to Bad To The Bone. My daughter exactly. =)

My youngest, Buddah turned 5!!!!!!!! Yes I cried. My baby is a kid now. Next week she graduates Pre K. I am so no ready for this.

I also knitted her a pair of socks that were supposed to be for the SAM month of May, I didn't make it. The theme was flowers. I went overboard with the flower theme. The yarn is Cascade Fixation in Wisteria and the pattern I made up from a stitch in the stitch dictionary named bouquet. It is a little hard to see the pattern cause of the yarn but they are very cute. She loves them!

Buddha's Bouquet socks

Buddah's Bouguet Socks

I also started something neat. It is a sock but I am knitting it on a 9 inch circular needle!! It took some getting used to but the beginning you see here is now a pair minus 1 toe. =) I heart 9 inch circulars =)

Cherry Chocolate socks


Monday, June 15, 2009

12 hours

In 12 hours I will be in la la land and my doctor will hopefully be doing something that helps me. (Granted it may take up 3 of these procedures to get the full effect, but if the first one works it is a good sign). So what I am doing. Not sleeping. When I get nervous I can not sleep. The more I try to sleep the more awake I become.

So in the last 3 hours I have:

Eaten my last meal until after said procedure

Organize all of my magazines (quilting, spinning and knitting magazines)

Went through my pattern binders and organized and trash ones I didn't want. (that would be 5 binders full)

and now I am knitting on my sweater. I am making Shalom Cardigan. I am using Cascade 220 in Grey Heather. I know grey is sometimes a blah color but I really liked the ones I saw in grey and well grey does go with everything. Plus the grey heather really has depth to it. I am on the third yoke tier. I do have to modify it since it is not written for my size. This is easy enough for a top down sweater. I have added rows to the 2nd and 3rd tier, Then I will try on and see if I need to do a 4th tier but as it looks now I do not think I will need to.

Well fingers crossed all goes well and I am going to go back to my "Sleepless Shalom"


Saturday, June 13, 2009


it has not been quite a month yet. I really am trying to keep blogging, especially after I heard that 70% of blogs are going bye bye. I heart my little corner of the blogosphere and will not go down quietly.

Well lets see what has the last month brought me....... Still hurt and after getting a "the doctor was this close to putting me into the hospital" case of bronchitis I am much better. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate my asthma? Any who, that little case put my procedure I my supposed to get done back to this monday. Nervous yet...... yep I do believe I am starting to become nervous. It is nothing major, just in out but I will be under and that has always scared me.

School is almost over... 2 weeks left. I am so not ready! At the same time I can not wait to see my kids more then a few waking hours a day. Oh the plans I have, we will see how many happen. = ) I know one thing that will really be happening this summer. I am going to put way more energy into my Etsy store. I have a bunch of stock coming in, more dyes in some really pretty colors and lots of ideas running through my head that I want to do. I have patterns that I want to write up. I love making things it is the actual writing that I do not like. "I know what I am doing but will anyone else understand what the heck I am talking about" - thing that I do not like. Well I figure if I just put in a few minutes each day, the whole tiny bites and before you know it you are done type thing.

Well I have not really taken pictures of much but I do have this picture

bunny nuggets

Bunny Nuggets!! So cute. So fast. I made all of them the night before Easter. Nothing like waiting to the last minute! Everyone loved them!