Sunday, August 1, 2010


It has been busy here. Finally can catch my breath.
A certain Hershey has made herself at home. She still has some bad moments - like the car. We took her to a baseball game where dogs are allowed and had a hard time in the car. She had fun there was loved very much and was better during the car trip back home. Loud voices also seem to cause her to hide but she is much better. Of course her good moments she is just a ball of love to everyone.

We had a birthday in the family
HB Grandma

Had to include the picture cause well to have all four kids in one place and all smiling, well mostly, is a rare event = )

Last but not least. The Boy's baseball season is over. The team went all the way to the silver medal round and had a pretty good last game. The other team won but that does not make this momma any less proud. This was the first year for summer league and there is a ton of pressure to win. I could so go into my "they are only 8 or 9 what is your problem ...." speech but I will not.
D with trophy
My Boy very tired but happy.