Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random Again

It has been very busy here with all that has been going on.

Sweater Update.I am working on the right front. I am still in the ribbing section. I have to pay attention so I do not forget any button holes. So that leaves the front to finish and two sleeves to knit and the whole shebang to sew together.So yes there is a slim chance that I will have this finished by tomorrow night. I am ok with this. It is my first Knitting Olympics. I didn't have the confidence in myself last time to enter (the whole I wasn't a good enough knitter) Talk about defeating oneself before the race.

The whole fact that this will be the quickest that I have ever made a sweater and that I have changed so much on this pattern and it still looks like a sweater are amazing enough for me.

Next time though I am not picking a sweater that is knitted on size 5 needles. My poor finger joints.

I have to say I am sad to see the Olympics ending. I love watching the Winter Olympics. Hockey and Curling( believe it or not) are my favorites. Canada won the Mens gold in curling. The gold metal women's hockey game was between Canada and US and the Mens hockey game is tomorrow. Canada vs the US it is going to be a great game

On that note I have a question. I had made a comment (Where and when not important) that I hoped that Canada would win their Semi final game. I got a dirty look and basically was told that I was un american because I wanted Canada to win. First off Canada was not playing the Us and well Team Canada is an amazing team. (Hello people Canada - Winter sports?!?!?!) I personally cheer for athletes. Not teams or in this case countries. Even tomorrow I just want to see a great game.

So does that make me un-american?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ok here is my update. I finished the back while I was watching the US
vs Canada preliminary game. Started the LEFT front while watching Ice
dancing finals. I was able to finish all 12 inches of ribbing done and
last night during the Canada vs Germany quarterfinal I started the
lace section.

Well I sat down a few minutes ago to continue and discovered I started
the lace on the wrong side as if I was going to knit the right side!
( hence the capitals before). Now it didn't seem like a big deal at
first but when I get to sewing the sweater together the ribbing will
not match right and may not look right when sewn together.

So I hit a snafu. I have to go and take out a nights worth of lace.
Well on the bright side at least I discovered it now and not when I
was trying to sew it together

Now I have a little thing to say about the US vs Canada game. It was a
great game and yes Canada lost but to go and bench one of the best
goaltenders playing for last nights game? Yes the back up is a great
goaltender in his own way but Canada was facing the German team and it
was very one sided and trust me I am very happy that Canada won. I
just think it was a little hasty. Ok I am off my soap box now

= )
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kntting in the olympics

Ok I am wagging the ice dancing medal ceremony and just notice that
the women holdin the medals are wearing garter stitch jackets in
really bulky wool. How cool is that! Well I think so anyway

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Sunday, February 21, 2010


My hands need a break and well this migraine is making for a slow day. It seems on it's way out (don't let the door hit you on the way out) so hopefully I should finish the back tonight.

Kids go back to school tomorrow (I hear angels singing) so knitting progress should increase. Trying to knit while they are home all day all week = a joke in trying to get anything done

Drama did finish her iPod cozy and I helped her sew it up and add a button. It is her first FO and will get it's own post (can you say proud mama?)

Today I bought jeans. I used to love clothes shopping before kids after not so much. Clothes shopping for me is the last thing I want to do. But well I needed new jeans. My old ones didn't fit anymore for good reason. The jeans I have I bought when I was on steroids for a year for the RA and well steroids make you gain weight and in my case well it was over 80 pounds. Those pounds are bye bye and believe it or not I weight about the same as I did pre Skywalker. Though I was much more toned then. I didn't do anything special just limited portion size and no late night snacking. Plus we walk to school when we can which is about a third of a mile. I am try not to eat fast food and food like that. That kind of food make me so sick afterwards.

Related to the above my happy moment of the day. Trying on a pair of jeans in a size I have not been since before kids and having them fit. I mean fit not sucking it in and barely getting them buttoned.

Before I hear it I lost the weight slowly. It took over a year

Still not wearing a bathing suit. Even when I could and did wear a two piece I hated it.

Why do I always seem to wear a white shirt when i make sauce? Thank goodness for bleach pens! Plus I own about 5 aprons duh!

I miss my mom (Love You Mom!)

Hubby is looking very cute sitting there watching mens hockey (rus vs cze)

Need to go check on dinner


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ah I think I might

Need to hide my yarn if this keeps up. Drama had a gift card for
Michael's and well she made a b-line for guess which department. She
is still into color more the feel and so she got this pink yarn among
others. It is so bright and so her. She is busy knitting a cozy for
her iPod.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Below is a picture of my progress. I changed the ribbing length from 8
inches to 12 inches ( one of a bunch of mods I am doing). I have
learned something while I was in the endless last two inches of
ribbing. I have a hard time knitting black yarn. The stitches are hard
to see. Also four extra inches does not sound like much until you have
to knit it. I finally got to the lace part Monday night and have done
one and a half repeats. After I finish the repeat I working on I will
check to see how much more I need to go before the armholes shaping.
Yesterday no progress was made since well I had to go get my eyes
check and the dr dilated and numbed them. Basically I couldn't see a
darn thing! Hopefully tonight I will get some progress.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have been in a bit of a knitting funkyness. It seems I can not get even simple patterns right. Hench not much knitting has been going on. I made a hat and well it is still drying (i wore it out in the blizzard, it was very warm). I love it even though the Hubby thinks it makes my forehead look big - uh honey I do have a big forehead. = ) Love that man!!

So What to do. Well the winter Olympics are coming and since hockey is on break for them I decided to kick this knitting funckyness by signing up for the Knitting Olympics started by the Yarn Harlot. Basically you cast on when the flame is lit and be finished by the time the flame goes out. (Hopefully) The only real rule besides the time thing is that it should be a challenge. Now everyone's knitting level is different so there are lots of different projects going on.

Me well I decided to knit a sweater. Yep a whole sweater in 17 days. And I picked a sweater that uses Dk weight not bulky weight. The sweater is Stardust. It will be for me.

So I have a few knitting ends to clean up and get ready for tomorrow start!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holy Blizzard Batman!!!

Well we finally got some snow that everyone else seems to be getting.
I personally love this. What I don't like is how people think the
world is ending when a blizzard is coming. I am sure some of you out
there in blogland know what I am talking about. To everyone out
there in the path I hope the best and be careful. : )