Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday

to me!!!!! Yep I am a whole year older today (yes I know technically it is only a day older but my number changed today) The big 32!!! =)

I have been doing what I want today and making what I wanted today for dinner! Hubby made me my favorite devils food chocolate cake and even went as far as to only frost half of it. I really do not like icing and eat around it.

Well that is the big thing for today now for some knitting content. Oh on a somewhat unrelated topic I went thru my list of FO's, pictures on my computer, pictures in flickr and what I blogged about and all I have to say is wow I am really un-organized this year!! I have things from January that I didn't blog about, yarn I spun and have already knitted up that I didn't blog about. Yarn I bought and didn't blog about. Yep me miss I am going cold sheep bought yarn. Granted most was my belated christmas gift for the Hubby but there was 2 I guess you could call them illegal skeins of yarn purchased. 2 very nice skeins mind you. =) So considering that the last time I purchased yarn for the sake of purchasing yarn was back in November I think I am still doing pretty good. Of course I went and updated my totals and even though I have knitted through over 3900 yards of yarn I am still on the plus side of the yarn stash at least I am using it (sounds good right)

Anyway back to knitting content. My March socks for SAM.

micro monkeys

My Monkeys are done!! A few post ago I ended with the yarn cakes and now I have socks! I did them toe up and used almost every bit of yarn. I only had about a foot and a half left over in all from both socks.

micro monkeys

Yarn is Claudia Handpaints Short Sport in Purple Earth. I really like this yarn, Nicely twisted and glides nicely when knitting.

micro monkeys

Short row heel to maximize yardage

micro monkeys

Micro Monkey chart. Basically it is the monkey chart with a few stitches taken off each side and since I used size 3 needles the micro monkey chart fitted my sock number perfectly.

Off to do more of what I want to do!!!


Happy Birthday

to me!!!!! Yep I am a whole year older today (yes I know technically it is only a day older but my number changed today) The big 32!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A little sewing!

My two girl love to craft, help me cook (heck the older one likes to do dishes!!!!! knock on wood for me for mentioning that ok?) and so I figured it might be a good idea for these two to have aprons. Now I could have bought those cheaply made plastic art smocks for 20 each or I could sew. I choose to sew. Plus they each got to pick out the fabric.

Drama Girl's

This one is Drama's. Monkey girls with makeup and shoes and a tutu. Yep that is her in a nut shell.


This one is Buddah's. This girl LOVES anything purple! I just had enough for the apron front.

The aprons are reversible.

bad lighting but that color is a very bright pink, cause well they are girls after all.

The neck straps are attached on one side and snap on the other. Same with the waist straps. It makes it very easy for them to put the on and take them off. I found the pattern at Sew Liberated (on the side Montessori Child's apron). The mods I made were on the straps and I made the length a little longer since it the pattern is made for up to age 6 and well Drama is 6 and Buddah is the size of a 6 year old. They fit very well and should last for a few years, well if they do not wear them out that is.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A very cute FO

My BF gave birth over a month ago. (Yes I am behind here) Little J is absolutely adorable!

One of the cutest Fo's

That little hat is just a basic rolled brim with umbilical top. She is a day old in that picture. She is such a natural model!

Of course I knitted for this little angel! I have made her socks, a pair of booties, a blanket and this

J's little lady

J's little lady 2

J's Little Lady
Feb Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman
size @6 months
Cotlin in Moroccan Red


Friday, March 6, 2009

A small miracle

My friend (Lets call her E) went to the hospital last friday expecting to leave a widow. Her husbands organs had all shut down except his heart. They removed all drugs except for the IV and antibiotics. Friday he went into a coma. Monday he kidneys restarted and his liver too. Today he is awake and aware, remembering who everyone is and remembering nothing of the week before. He did not even remember going into the hospital. She is holding onto the glimpse of hope that he does get better so he can go back on the transplant list and get the liver he needs. My fingers are crossed and my thoughts are with them.

After I last posted I went stash diving to find some nice yarn. I also dug out my "Wrapped in Comfort" book and started knitting. I finished her shawl last night. (She is of course still going to get it)

the lace blob

I knitted the small version of Alison's Bigfoot shawl. It went really fast, especially considering I used bigger yarn and needles. I hope it looks good when blocked.

not blocked yet but just for an idea on what it will look like.

Now I have about 6 rows of a baby sweater to finish (baby is due in about a week) so both the sweater and shawl will hopefully get blocked by tomorrow night.

Monkeys here I come!

it is time for some me knitting!!!! (feeling a little selfish)


Yarn P0rn is Claudia Handpaints short sports in "Purple Earth"

A small miracle

My friend (Lets call her E) went to the hospital last friday exspecting to leave a