Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A sweater ..... almost

I have a problem and it affects me all the time when I am knitting. The closer I get to the finish line the less I work on something. The pinwheel sweater has been at this stage for about a week. I have half a sleeve to finish (that and about a million ends to weave in , but that is another problem and another post) = ). Anyway here is the progress.

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Well instead of knitting on the pinwheel I have been knitting hats.

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This one is a bonnet for Daughter. I based it on Russian Winter from Knitting Nation. I used a strand of Wool of the Andes and a strand of Oh My! (which is a perfect name since that is what you say when you pet it) held together.

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That ball of yarn is a purchase from Rhinebeck which is being knitted into a hat and scarf or maybe a combo hat/scarf thingie.

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This hat is something I came up with for a family friend. He wanted a black beanie and well the simpler something is the harder it is for me to make right. So my solution is to crochet the band and then pick up and knit the rest. (the horror - I combined knitting and crochet!!!) = ) joking. It came out great and should fit great too. It fits Hubby and they both have the same size- ish heads. yarn: Knit picks Swish in black. size G hook and size 8 dpns

Well that is what I have been up too. I hope everyone has a great holiday and be safe traveling this weekend. I (hopefully) will be knitting and spinning this long weekend.


Anonymous said...

Well, I can see how the front and the sleeves work, but I'm still worried about the back of this spider/pinwheel sweater. It looks to me from the photo that it's backless -- or wait! Is the web/wheel the BACK?? and it has like a shawl collar maybe and no buttons/frogs/snaps/etc. in the front??? Did I guess right??

mommy said...

Hi honey, wow, ang looks sooo grown up in the picture of the 14th. i love the hat for Marc's friend too. and the pinwheel sweater is awesome!!
you are amazing!!the knitting "talk" is cool too. sounds like you know what you're talking about. he he he he
love you

bittenbyknittin said...

You are so close to having the pinwheel sweater done! Don't stop now! Winter is coming!

Jill said...

I hear you...I leave the ends of stuff too, sometimes. My Tiffany Mitts are done except I have to hem them. Why haven't I done it?! So I understand. ;) Those hats are too cute, too.

Anonymous said...

The pinwheel is so interesting, I love the way it's shaped. Can't wait to see it finished. Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That pinwheel sweater is gorgeous! And hey - it's the season for hats and scarves and mittens, anyway, isn't it?