Friday, October 5, 2007

6.5 hours!!!!!

That is how long it took me to comb Daughter's hair. Thankfully after several head checks (by me and the school nurse) no lice or eggs. My fingers are crossed that this is it (at least for a long while - I am not going to kid myself, it is something that happens often at this age).

I did not get much knitting done. I did however finish a pair of socks. They are for Daughter. They were supoose to be for christmas but she saw them and put them on before I could stop her. Now they are an early christmas gift.

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yarn: Dancing from Knit Picks
needle size: 1
pattern: 2x2 ribbing

I did the cast on a little different. I co double the number and on the next round I k2tog,k2tog,p2tog,p2tog..... This creates a little ruffle.

Well the kiddies are out with the grandparents. I am going to enjoy it.

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Jill said...

Nice socks--like the little ruffle, very cute. Enjoy your time! :)