Thursday, February 28, 2008

More yarn and more socks..kinda

Well the last of the yarn arrived. i bought some yarn from a fellow blogger Becca. She is moving and destashing and as a fellow knitter I just had to help her out. =)

This is Claudia Hand Painted Yarns from Louet. Short sport 100% merino in Color John B.


This is closer to the real color

claudia hand paint stripes

This is my first time seeing this yarn. It is soft and very very squishy. Me like. Me want more.

This is from The Yarn Tart I can not remember what the color is. I think it is Thistle.

Yarn tart yarn

The Noro socks were going to be my mindless knitting that I do while making dinner or while the kids are doing their home work, but that changed. I was looking at my New Pathways book and I was reading about the Milkmaid Stocking and thought to myself " Hey I have the same number on my Noro socks and I have enough Noro to make these". So Noro is not mindless anymore. Noro has become Milkmaid Noro. Progress is only about another inch and now that I have to follow a chart they mightbecome The Slow Milkmaid Noro Socks.

noro milkmaid sock

So now I need a mindless sock. Enter (drum roll) ......Mindless John B. It really happened by accident. I was sitting there while the last batch of yarn was sitting there and well since Becca had already had one of the Claudia hanks balled up I figured it was fate. So I grabbed the needle off my Mommy's socks (do not worry Mommy i will finish as soon as I dig out that other ball this weekend) and started. Mindless John B will be toe up so I can use all of the yarn. At only 112 yards per hank these will be anklets (just the way I like my socks)

mindless sock

This was done while watching the last half of MythBusters.



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Yarn, sweet yarn...and sock yarn at that! My favorite!