Monday, August 18, 2008


I am posting and it has not been a week yet! Amazing!! Even more amazing is that I have a sleeve and a pair of socks to show. Well really one 1 sock since I have already blogged about the first one, but hey it is what I have to show.

Socks - Just one fix 2. Cascade Fixation in a swampy green colors (there is just a color number on the band), size 4 needles and anklets.
just one fix sock2
just one fix socks 2
Uh pay no attention to the blue dye stain on my ankle, I didn't notice it until I was blogging. I am dyeing yarn and roving here and well I got dyed too. = )

Sleeve -The Emerald Lady has a sleeve and a finished body, not sure if I blogged that.

emerald lady
emerald lady
My Buddah wanted to help model the sweater. Yeah one sleeve lots of ends (I really love weaving in ends, not!!) and then I just have to find 3 buttons that will fit into my really big button holes!! Anyone know of any great button places?



Toni said...

LOVE the green!!! I'm pretty much totally lusting after that yarn, but I am growing as a person and will not cover my blogger neighbor's yarn.......

.......or not much.......

Karen said...

Wow, you have been busy!! Dying, socks and great progress on the sweater. Hmmm, I weave my ends as I go - partly so I don't have to deal with them all at the end, but mostly because I'm OCD and all the hanging ends make me crazy. LOL Buttons, oh the buttons, I have no idea where to look for buttons. I was thinking about perusing Etsy.

Jill said...

I'm laughing about the blue stain...I spent all last week covered in paint and primer, so I hear your pain. Funny how you don't notice until you take a picture or are somewhere trying to look clean and "together"! LOL

The Lady's looking great. :)

I hadn't thought about the ends...any tricks you could share for weaving ends into lace? I feel lost with that.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Lovely colorway buttons I would look at etsy for them.Hugs Darcy