Wednesday, May 13, 2009


it didn't take me a month to blog again!! Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself, ya know what I mean?

Anyway lets seee how about some knitting?

Geek me! socks


These were my SAM socks for last month. Pi socks. I am showing my geekness here. Each stripe (not counting toes or heal) represents a number in the number Pi. Ya know Pi 3.14159..........., it just keeps going on forever and never repeats. On the second sock I started over so each sock goes to the same number, and just to keep thing interesting I did the opposite colors on the second sock.

geek me socks

I used Brown Sheep Wildfoote in Rock n Roll and Knit Picks Essentials in Ash. Originally I was using navy but my luck the blue in the rock n roll kept pooling with the navy and I could not see the stripes. I do not really like the ash and amazed myself that I kept going with them. Thay are comfy socks so I am sure I will wear them

Since those socks I have finished one knitty thing. A Swallowtail Shawl. I used a hank of Noro sock yarn that I had laying around for over a year. I was making socks with it but I had them sitting for so long that when I went back to try to knit them all I did was mess them up royally so to the frog pond they went. The only mods I made was I used clear beads instead of making nubbs (just could not get the hang of them) I have finished knitting it but am not able to block it. So here is the best FO picture I have and it is one of my favorites

swallowtail unblocked

(my girls helped with the staging of this FO)

Needless to say I LOVE this man, he can always make me laugh.


teabird said...

Those are seriously fun socks - and it's so cool that a mathematical progression produces a great pattern that No One Will Know...

Karen said...

You don't like the Ash in the socks? I think it sets off the Wildfoote perfectly!! Swallowtail came out so pretty too - and just think, it will be even more beautiful when it's blocked!!