Monday, November 9, 2009

Holiday knitting

Well some knitting will be blogable. Here is one. It is a Clapotis
scarf. It seems like almost every knitter has made one and well a
certain person on my list wanted a scarf like this. I figured no
problem it is a very easy pattern. Thing is now that I am about a
quarter of the way I remember why I do not knit scarves. I am done but
it isn't. Oh well a little each day and stop before I want to throw it
across the room. : ). It will be a very nice scarf when it is done.


bittenbyknittin said...

I am one knitter who has not knit Clapotis (yet -who knows?) but I hear ya about scarf knitters being done before the scarf is. They just go on and on!

Karen said...

Yup, I'm like that with scarves too. It's a wonder I ever finished my onw Clapotsis!! Your giftee will love it though.