Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Need to get my act together

Sometimes I and things just get crazy around here and with so much that needs to be done and I want to get done it becomes overwhelming and then hardly anything gets done. (wow there is a run on sentence..) I get ideas and if I do not either start it or at least write it down *poof* it is gone.

So to try and get the writing juices going.....

Karen blogged about an upcoming week of blogging of knitting and crocheting. I went and checked it out and I signed up.

It is Eskimimi's idea and well I like it. I have checked out the topics and they are interesting and the ideas are already starting to turn. I am not saying what they are for the surprise factor. (yes I know if you wanted to find out you could just click and go find out but I leave that up to you)

Now I am off to write somethings down before I forget them

= )


mom said...

You go honey, Love you Mom

Karen said...

Yay, I'm so glad you are joining in too!!! Can't wait to read your posts.

PS: Your mom's comment is so cute. :)