Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!!!

Ahh 4th of July. It amazes me how time is just flying!! Things have been a little busy here so how about some bullet points! - aka not much time and I am being a little lazy ; )

1. Yesterday the Tour de France started which means The Tour de Fleece started too! I did spin yesterday and did get a good amount of spinning. Today not so much but I did try hand spinning so at least I attempted. Hopefully tomorrow I can spin some more (do you hear that my back!)

2.My spinning companion.
snick and spinning
as always

3. It has been busy because of this guy
My OMG he looks like a professional baseball player and what the heck happened to my little boy!

Summer ball. Like I mentioned last time he made summer league and this was taken before the first game. White uniform and the catcher position equal never white again.

My #11 in action!!!

This boy of mine is going to be 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in a week! I know moms out there will agree with this but I swear he was just a baby the other day. Summer League is taken very seriously here so there have been baseball 5 days a week which for this Momma means knitting. Well when I can I should say. They are playing the seed round and having played 2 games they are 1-1 with 1 more game to go. It gets exciting and well my gauge is everywhere!

4. Citron is in the bind off stage. I am doing a beeded bind off so I can only work in it at home. I worked on it for a few hours and well I am about 10% of the way done. I hope to be done before 2011.

5. Speaking of birthdays. My #11 got one of his gifts early
Meet Hershey

She is a sweet little terrier that has had a not to happy past we are finding out. she is good with the kiddies (prefers them actually). It is so sad in the animal shelter. If we had the room I swear I would take them all home. Hershey and Snickers are adjusting pretty well too. Hershey needs a little time to adjust I think. There are certain little things that other shelter dog owners can tell you let you know that the past may not have been so great. I can tell you though when you see that they start to trust you it is a heart warming thing.

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bittenbyknittin said...

Someone told me there is a special place in heaven for those who adopt shelter dogs. (Probably the dog park!) My last two dogs were shelter dogs, and you do wonder about their past. And yes, those babies grow up fast. I liked the elementary years because the kids can do a lot for themselves and the teenage hormones have not yet kicked in. Enjoy while you can!