Monday, December 20, 2010


There is a halo around our moon tonight (google it I can't link from my phone and no sitting at the computer yet for me)
"halo around the moon, rain/snow will be soon"
(yes that is our moon and no you can't see the halo in it. I couldn't zoom out far enough to catch it)


Toni said...

Ha! Ha! I could NOT figure out what the strange noise I was suddenly hearing was. Seriously, I was about to call my husband over to take a look at my computer.

ha! ha! Hello to Sheepy!

Aunty said...

It was also the full moon (just about), the Winter Solstice, and a very very rare eclipse of the moon last night. Wow. Couldn't see any of it b/c it was snowing here. Got about a foot of it. Blech!

Hey, Toni, Sheepy freaks me out sometimes too.

Smoochies to all, Q