Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New Year

Well here we are. 20-11. Wow.

This year a few cool things will happen. My Boy will turn double digits this year. I will be the mother of a tweener!! So not ready. I see every day little pieces of him growing up. Snapshots of the man he will become. I am amazed at how quickly all my children are growing up. The past 10 years have gone by much faster then the 10 years before.

The Hubby and i will also celebrate 10 years of marriage. Married for ten years!! Amazing. It seems to have gone by in a blink of an eye. We have had our ups and downs and at times more then our share of downs but we are here together.

Now for the crafty side of life. Toni and I have agreed to a bit of craziness. To finish 111 items by Dec 31, 2011. She is also the one who started the whole "cold sheeping". Can we do it? Why not. All crafts are counted because well knitting 111 items in a year just may be a step or two into insane. We are not that crazy =)



mom said...

you know i have the slide show on my computer and when i see skywalker as his little smiley face, actually that big smiley face and look at his catcher pic,it's just amazing. love mom
p.s. 111 doesn't sound unreasonable for all that you do.

Aunty said...

Sounds like a fun goal, Q.

Wow, son is 10 years old and you and hubby are celebrating your 10-year anniversary. God bless you all!

Hope the pain thing is working well, and can't wait to see some of the 111 items you and Toni cook up.