Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Houston, I have a problem

But first. 

Yesterday was my birthday. I have made 37 trips around the sun. Crazy. I don't feel old (mostly though I do have my days  when my body has other ideas) I still feel 25 ;). I had a sweet day. Hubby made me a cake

Delish. The kids behaved. I got a really nice surprise in my email from my Aunty. I also saw my mom on Saturday. It was a really sweet birthday this year. 

Now to my problem. I have been knitting along on my sweater and finished the body. Split for the front, which was finished, and was working on the back. I reached into my bag for another ball if yarn and there was only two little balls left. Weird I had a cardigan that was easily 2 sizes too big and now I wasn't even close to being done. I do have extra yarn but something didn't seem right. So I took it off the needles and held it up to really look at it. 

Ok it seemed a little bigger then I calculated. I'll try it on. 
Yeah I'm a little off. I didn't want a sweater dress. Here's more pictures with a shirt for reference a shirt that is slightly too big and what I was aiming for with this sweater.

Yeah. Maybe I should have checked earlier but I figured my measurements were right. Yeah. The sweater is being balled back up for a second try. 

On the plus side my gauge was right. Go figure


Aunty said...

Uh-oh. Gee, Q, I thought you didn't make rookie mistakes anymore! **tee-hee** Hope the corrected version goes fast and you really really really love this sweater!

Glad you had a sweet and special bday too.

Smoochies to all!

Toni said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!!