Friday, June 20, 2014

I Am Broke

And I needed a certain color of yarn. I used to dye yarn. It was a lot of fun too. I even sold some but it takes a lot of money to keep that going and I couldn't do it anymore so I stopped. I still have some left over dyes and a few hanks of yarn. So I mixed some dye and pulled out my dye pot. My fingers were crossed that the dyes would even dye, they were old.  I used up the last bits of dye just in case. 
Well a week later (took forever to dry in this humidity) here they are. Three silk blend and two sock blend. 

Wanna guess what color I needed? =]
Clues in the picture (HeHeHeHe)


Aunty said...

So you're making something Dr. Who-ish, huh?

Well, what is it/are they???? Gonna keep it a secret till it's/they're done???

Smoochies to all! Stay cool!

mom said...


Aunty said...

(Mom's favorite color! tee hee)