Monday, July 28, 2014

The tour recap

Here all of it. My spindle spinning across the top. So close to finishing it. I didn't  realize when I started there  was 8oz, so it took longer then I thought. 
Left to right- 3 skeins of Vineyard. The orange one is the Rhinebeck Orange (3.6 oz was felted - almost half). The two black ones are the black merino with silk and sparkles ( the sparkles didn't show in the picture). Then the one I between I. The naked sunflower. Then the bobbin is half of a mixed wool from Rhinebeck. The other half will be done hopefully tonight

In all I spun 40 oz or 2.5 pounds of fluff which was 4801 yards of singles (that's 2.7 miles!!!). All plied I added 1655 yards of handspun to my stash. Pretty good for three weeks
(Totals do not include the spindle or the stuff in progress)

This was my best Tour yet. I made a big dent in my fiber stash. It all now fits into one bin instead of two. Only thing left is to wash it all. That can wait for nice non humid days


Aunty said...

Wow, what a prodigy of work! And it's all so beautiful!!

Congratulations! You should be proud!

stay cool and dry!

smoochies to all

Toni said...

Wow!!!! That's a lot of spinning. Whoo hoo!!!!