Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A change

With the RA flare I have had to change things up a little. I can't do much more then a row or two if knitting and I am still trying to figure out why. But I still need my sanity so I spun (a lot) and my hands said that's enough and it hurts to do that now. So onward to something else. Thank goodness my mom taught me a bunch if different crafts when I was young. 

So next up is ..... Cross stitch

I am in my 4th in the past month. Here's a peek
Dr Who inspired. I spent hours surfing etsy and oh boy the patterns out there. Lots of fun ones are lined up. :)

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Aunty said...

So glad you're keeping busy and you have all those different crafts to try. You have a pretty great mom, you know?

And I'm praying the flare goes away soon!

Smoochies to all!