Thursday, November 6, 2014

Not as planned

I went to blog today and I found my Halloween post. It seems something was amiss and it never posted, just saved. Oh well. With Christmas being jammed down our throats already let's reminisce a little. 

Doctor Who and Paw Patrol starring my kiddies

Everyone except Hubby is a fan of the Doctor in our house. 
Here's my oldest dressed as The Doctor (number 11-Matt Smith)

Here is my second oldest as a Weeping Angel. 
Here is my second youngest as the TARDIS in a not great pic (hubby's fault)

And the baby. My little MJ as Marshall from Paw Patrol. 

It was a fun trick or treating. Several adults understood the Doctor Who theme and made my kids night. Especially the last two houses. 

All in all pretty good. All costumes cost around fifty bucks total. Good thing I'm crafty. These days you can't buy 1 okay costume for that price. 

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Aunty said...

There we go! I wondered why you didn't post those great pix for Halloween. Did I interrupt you while you were doing it?

Got the mittens. Awesome.

Love you!
Smoochies to all