Monday, March 30, 2015

Back to spinning

As I was putting stuff away I came across my spindles. Being the ADD personality that I am I have been spinning on it for the pass two days and finished the 2 ounces. (I split the roving in half -2ounces is about what can fit in my spindle)
I love how the sheep pop when the spindle is full
Very full spindle
And off the spindle. You can see the color progression. Now to spin the other 2 ounces 


Aunty said...

It's a beautiful color -- er, colors. But where did the roving come from? You just started talking about it out of the, uh, blue??

Got plans for that nice lovely spun yarn?

How are the NYSSMA kids coming?

smoochies to all

Toni said...

Oh, that looks lovely!