Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Catch Up

So let's see. I finished my moms socks
Also MJ's speech teacher moved on and she was really good with him. I had to make her something. 
Here's a bad picture of my pattern Huntington Cowl. She loved it. 
I also have been tatting 

Now my "tree" on the right need to be blocked and stiffened so it does look a little messy

And this one is called "Squared Flower Motif"
Again not stiffened 

I am thinking of turning these two into ornaments. 

I am starting to get the hang of it I think. My biggest problem is that most patterns are written for shuttle tatting and for some reason I can't use them to save my life. I can do needle tatting so I have to figure out the "translation" so to speak. I know now that I have said I am getting the hang of it I am just asking for trouble 

1 comment:

Aunty said...

The mom socks (or socks for Mom?) are very pretty. Come complete with grass stains! lol

That Huntington cowl is a crowd-pleaser. Glad you made one for MJ's speech teacher. (who I didn't know about. ??? someone's got some 'splainin' to do)

And I love the tatting so far. You ARE getting the hang of it. I don't know the diff between shuttle tatting and needle tatting. Wish I could give you some tips. I really want to hear how you stiffen them. I am curious, yellow.

And did you get the NYSSMA kids to record their pieces for old Aunty?? I wait to hear.