Sunday, July 24, 2016

The year of the funk

That's what it seems to be. I am seriously still in a crafting funk. Nothing really interests me. I have been doing a little, and I mean little, here and there but nothing really completely finished. 

It took months to do this. It's MJs new quilt since he is in a twin bed (for about a year). It's waiting for quilting and then it will be done. Then the other kids are next. I have 2 already planned and drawn out and I am about 80% with a third. No idea for Codys. 

Another thing I have started
Hexies. Basically turning scraps into something. These will become a mug rug hopefully. They are fast so maybe that's what I need. 

Usually these funks only last a little bit but this is almost 6 months!!  I am even bored with reading!?!?!?! Crazy pants I know. 

Fingers crossed the end is near. There are things I want to do just can't get my self moving

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Aunty said...

MJ's quilt is beautiful! And the hexies are cute and clever. So what's a mug rug?????

Hope you're staying cool and the kids are having a fun summer.

Love and smoochies to all (are the kitties still on vacation with Grandma?)

♥♥♥♥♥♥ ??