Monday, August 12, 2019

Some sewing and yummy-ness

 For some reason, the heart is greyed over ( maybe just my computer) but they are really deep blue. The picture doesn't really give the size either. It @ 26 inches by 24 inches. I am planning on turning it into a big pillow so hopefully, I can get a good picture of the blue. The "white" squares are low volume whites.  Basically white on white or grey on white.  This was a trial run for a quilt I am planning using scraps.

Now for the yum.

This is something that has taken longer than it ever should have. Ah, life. (still working on bending space-time continuum)  Purchased at Rhinebeck back in 2011. It's a combo of merino (yum) alpaca (double yum) and silk (again yum) I have 338 yards of Yum. It's so soft and squishy. I have petted it numerous times already. It's sitting on my dresser waiting to be put away and I give it a squish when I go past =)

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Aunty said...

The "heart" is interesting. Not my color, and my eye keeps wanting to round it off. Sorry. The background is really lovely though.

Mmmmmmm... alpaca and merino and silk! Can it be any more delicious?? I assume it's a natural color, not dyed?

You're really working up a storm, aren't you? Wonderful!

smoochies to all
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