Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just a short knitting vent....

ok. I just have to vent here.Has anyone ever have something (for example here a scarf, but it doen’t have to be knitting) that in theory should be nice and easy but becomes a real thorn?

I have this yarn, it is a really pretty color , and it is also one of those yarns that goes from thick (bulky)to thin (almost lace weight). Maybe that is the problem. It just doesn’t look right and I wind up frogging and frogging

I have tried to knit it ,oh about 20 times now. It feels like it just does not want to be knitted. I have searched patterns on the internet and now I am trying to write my own pattern. In the beginning it seemed like this scarf would be one of those easy and quick knits but it just is not happening and it is so driving me up the wall.

It is perfect for someone on my christmas list (yes I started), so back I go.


Anonymous said...

Very nice blog. Great pictures of the things you've done. Love the pix of the family. A couple of questions: Can you make the site references clickable? That would be nice. (of course, you'd have to spell them correctly. ahem) Also, how about a "links" section with links to RA info, knitting info, video game info, maybe even your son's team blog? That all might be cool, too. And more pix of the kids are ALWAYS welcome. (of course, I'm prejudiced). What do you think?

P.S. I appreciate your trying to use proper capping and punctuation. Keep it up! And remember: SpellCheck is your friend.

Anonymous said...
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