Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm ITCHY!!!

In knitting news I finished one of my Vog On socks. Yeah!! I had to keep my hands busy. I was itchy, very itchy. Here is a picture of just a little bit.(sorry the picture is dark)

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Now just imagine this rash EVERYWHERE!!! I mean everywhere. I had to keep my hands busy so I would not scratch my skin off, so I knitted. I did finish one Vog On and I am about to cast on the second. Here is a picture.( my foot is a little swollen from the reaction so the sock is a little tight. I have been trying it on as I go so I know it will fit fine once the swelling is gone.)

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I also knitted on Hubby’s sock. Actually I almost finished the one,then I tried it on Hubby’s foot and guess what? It was too big!! I swear these socks hate me (is that possible?) I have knitted, frogged,restarted, frogged again, started yet again.....Why? Because the gauge swatch LIED. I hate gauge swatches. I knit them and then cast on accordingly. Then I have to rip it all out and start over. I have no clue why I even bother.

Well I started them over again. I refuse to be defeated by a pair of socks. Here is what little progress I have.

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I am tempted to break out the 00 and make a mate to the other sock. That one at least fits (somewhat).

I also knitted on some christmas stuff. I did not get to knit on the MS3, because well there is no way I can concentrate when I want to rip my skin off.

Hubby took me to my lys. I needed to pick up some buttons. I found these: sheep and cow buttons. Aren’t they cute!

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I also picked up some new SWTC bamboo yarn.( yarn therapy)
The color is called Serendipity. Very pretty.

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In other news:

Has anyone heard of Nuttin’ But Stringz? (a little warning music will play when you click that link) They are amazing. I first heard them on Jack Big Music Show on Noggin and then I went to see if iTunes had any of their music and well I am going to purchase their album. “Thunder” is my favorite (it is what I am listening to right now). They combine violins and hip hop and classical and well lots of different types of music in a very unique way.

My girls love the music and dance to it. It is a nice change from the sappy sweet kids music. That is why I like them to watch Jacks Big Music Show on Noggin- lots of different types of music and it is easy on the parents too.


bittenbyknittin said...

Hope your rash is improving. Does it respond to topicals? I use tea tree oil on poison ivy and saliva on mosquito bites. Baking soda? Benadryl? I'm getting itchy just thinking about your rash!

Re SWTC Bamboo in "Serendipity" - I made an eyeglass case from this very yarn. (See my blog.) I'm anxious to see what you do with it.

Kate said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! You are very welcome!!! If you take a picture of it, email it to me. I'm going to start a reader gallery! Cute blog. I hope you are feeling better. I agree with Abby. tea tree and maybe even some arnica will help!