Thursday, September 6, 2007

School is Back!!

Well the start of school has arrived (well it is day 2) and all is well with my kindergartner and my first grader. My Son reaction “it’s just like last year mom”. My Daughter thinks the day is too long (last year she was in half day pre-k) but she enjoys it. The Baby (I have to come up with another name for her she is 3 and a half) is loving it. She gets to be home with day, just the 2 of them. Then when I come home and Hubby goes to work and it is just me and her. She misses her sister and brother but that is resolved with in 5 minutes of them being home again.

Oh I have exciting news, well exciting for parents out there. The Baby is finally potty trained. She has been fighting it for about a year and I guess something just clicked. It has been a week and just 1 accident. Yes I know that talking about may be jinxing this - I have my fingers crossed.

Me on the other hand, well I am hurting. The Plaquenil is out of my system and well the prednisone is not working (I can not go too high in dosage and have to wean off of it, my heart does not like this drug). I am taking a prescription NSAID that takes the edge off. Now that I am back to work it is even harder to get through the day. The exhaustion that comes with RA is a pain in the ass. When I was not working I could rest when I needed. Now I have to get up early, go to work, come home and do what ever needs to be done then I get the kids off the bus, make dinner, get the kids to do their homework, get everything ready for the next day (like lunches and whatever needs to go into the book bags), get the kids to bed ( not fun) and then I get to sit down. My body is not liking this one bit. My doctors appointment can not come fast enough.

Even though I am in pain at least I can still knit. It seems someone is giving me a little break in all of this. Granted I can not knit long before my hand stiffen up, but I can knit (I just take a break about every 15 minutes).

I came up with my fingerless mitts pattern. I picked a stitch pattern from my stitch dictionary added some ribbing and Ta-Da. I am still thinking about what I will to for the thumb.
(I will get back about what the stitch is called I do not have the book handy) I am using KnitPicks Sierra in Pool on size 10 dpns.

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I also started another pair of socks. The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks. It is called Lace Rib. I am using Swish from KnitPicks on size 5 dpns. Love it. The size 5’s are making fast work of the sock.

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A BIG thank you to everyone crossing their fingers for us. This summer Hubby had to go for a CAT scan for a torn muscle. When the doctor read the films he found something growing where it was not suppose to be. Tomorrow morning he will have a biopsy done to find out what it is. I refuse to think about what it could be because it WILL be nothing. The hard part will be the waiting for the results. We were told a few days. I am going to be a wreck.

I am off to knit. I need to keep myself occupied.

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