Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Monkeys are DONE!!!

Finally they are done!! This pair of socks seemed to take forever. I used yarn form Rhinebeck from Pucker Brush farms in PA. Love the colors and they fit perfectly!! I made lots of mods on the pattern. I knitted them toe up, with the chart upside down (by mistake), short row heel and 3 repeats on the leg. Oh and I left out the last row of the chart.
my monkeys!!
my monkeys!
(ignore the sweatpants okay?)

My birthday is coming up, yep the big 31. Anyway my mommy sent me my gifts early (yeah!)

Last 2 books from Harry Potter. I so love HP and feel silly for jumping in so late. When Order came out my mommy bought the set for the kids, well they sat there and sat there. I loved the movies and since I think the books are always better then the movies I dug them out and started ready the first one to my son. I was hooked finished the 1st book that night.
I stopped reading Order because I didn't have the other books and thought I had to wait until my birthday to get them. Now I am finishing up Order and trying really really hard not to peak.
early bday gift
The other gift was a gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe. It took about 1 minute for me to spend it one I redeemed it. =) Yarn is on the way here! It's a good thing. =)

Here is what Snickers thinks of store bought socks. She likes to eat them. (she knows better then to even think about trying this with knitted socks)
what Snickers thinks of machine made socks


Toni said...

YAY!!! We are also very hooked on the HP books, and finally got them all as audio books so we could listen to them over & over. Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, does your mom give good gifts! Harry Potter and yarn is an excellent combination!

Jill said...

Love the Monkeys! They look great!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

What pretty socks - happy early birthday! =)