Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween and Yeah!!

Ok a happy belated Halloween everyone I hope you all got more treats the tricks. We did good here and got way way too much candy.

Yeah on I hope everyone who could have voted did. There was record turn out this election day and that is such a good sign.
I woke my son up this morning telling him to remember today because today was a turning point in American history. I do not really go into politics here (or religion) but I have my views (trust me I am very opinionated ) and one of the most is to use your rights (like voting)

Just to prove I do still knit, not as much as before though I am filling in for someone at work while she takes a month leave and do not have as much time as before.

drama girls mitts

I made Drama Girl fingerless mitts. Really quick knit (she has very petite hands) and to break up the boredom of ribbing I cabled them.


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Anonymous said...

What cute little mitts, I love all the little cables!